WorkoutDeep Breathing Exercises for Beginners

Deep Breathing Exercises for Beginners

Physiotherapy breathing exercises for better lung capacity with deep breathing. Michelle from shows you deep breathing exercises in 4 simple steps for improving oxygen uptake, recovering from illness or surgery and reducing stress and fatigue.

Deep Breathing Exercise Technique

Step 1

Starting Position
• Start sitting, standing or lying down with your body supported by a couple of pillows.
• Place one hand on your upper abdomen just below your rib cage and the other hand at the side of your chest on the lower part of your rib cage.

Step 2

If you’re sitting or standing raise the crown of your head towards the ceiling, raise your chest and relax your shoulders away from your ears.

Step 3

Rib Cage Movement
• Breathe in slowly and feel your rib cage expand sideways
• Keep your upper chest and shoulders relaxed
• Breathe out by letting your rib cage fall back to resting.

Step 4

Abdominal Movement
You should feel a gentle rise and fall of your belly beneath your hand as you breath in and out.

Progressing Deep Breathing Exercises

Progress your deep breathing exercises by doing them standing upright and without placing your hands on your rib cage.

Deep Breathing Exercise Technique

When you breathe in deeply your diaphragm contracts and moves further downwards into your abdomen than it would with regular breathing. This downward movement creates a vacuum inside your chest causing air to enter and fill up your lungs. Your diaphragm relaxes when you breathe out allowing air to passively leave your lungs.

Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing can benefit your overall health by:
• Increasing your lung capacity (the amount of air that enters your lungs)
• Improving circulating oxygen levels
• Reducing fatigue with exercise
• Decreasing blood pressure
• Reducing stress and anxiety
• Improving core deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscle function

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