WellnessPrepare For The New Year With This Cosmic Herbalism Workshop

Prepare For The New Year With This Cosmic Herbalism Workshop

YOu froth up an adaptogenic latte, check your horoscope, and ground yourself in a quiet moment before the day begins. Sound familiar? If you’re anything like us, you are pretty familiar with your sun, rising and moon signs. And you’ve probably amassed more than a few herbs and plants in your go-to rituals and home remedies. But did you realize that those two things are deeply connected?

One of our most trusted herbalists, Adriana Ayales—a stunning woman based in Costa Rica and New York City—has created an online course to help us discover the history of medicinal astrology and cosmic herbalism. Healing plants and astrological phenomena? Sounds like a fantastic Sunday afternoon if you ask us.

In her workshop, Cosmic Herbalism, Adriana shares the principles of aligning medicinal plants with the sacred energy of their governing planets to create powerful herbal remedies. During the online series you’ll discover the correlation between plants, planets, and body systems (herbs governed by the sun, for example, are supportive of cardiovascular function, our immune system, and assist with anxiety, depression, resilience and adaptability) and learn practical advice on how you can formulate herbal remedies at home.

If you’re as obsessed with learning about how everything is connected—body, mind, spirit, nature—as we are, you’ll be excited to take your love of astrology and herbs to the next level. Hosted by the founder of New York’s Anima Mundi Apothecary, here are all the details…

The 7-part Workshop series: Cosmic Herbalism is designed to teach you about the correlation between plant and planet archetypes, how they’re connected to our body systems, and how you can apply this knowledge to your daily life with functional herbal formulas, this series is fully online, so you can watch and re-watch at your own pace!

The Courses: Each module is focused on a planetary archetype and the corresponding herbs and body systems. Session 1 begins with the Sun, followed by the Moon, then Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and ending with Saturn and the trans-Saturnian planets:

Sun — Vitality, sovereignty, rejuvenation, and immunity
Moon — Pineal and pituitary glands, emotions, digestive system, intuition, and dreams
Mercury — Mental clarity, communication, and nervous system function
Venus — Kidneys, lymphatic and reproductive systems, harmony, and love
Mars — Muscular system, motor nerves, adrenaline, ego, independence, energy, and strength
Jupiter — Joy, longevity, immunity, liver function, higher wisdom, and vitality
Saturn and the trans-saturnian planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto — Bones, skin, gallbladder, endurance, and discipline

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The Host: Adriana Ayales is a clinical and rainforest herbalist based in Costa Rica. She’s also the founder of our go-to apothecary in New York City (and online for all the delicious powders and tinctures), Anima Mundi. Get to know her philosophy and best herbalism tips here as we sat down with Adriana to learn more about her practice, products, and her morning routine.

The Products: When you purchase the workshop you’ll also receive a 20% off discount to use at Anima Mundi. You’ll find amazing formulas to correspond with, and expand on, what you’ve learned. Plus, the bulk section will provide you with all the ingredients to build your own at-home apothecary and create herbal formulas to harmonize imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit.

…and set yourself up for a grounded and balanced season ahead. Explore the full workshop series and learn more about the offering on the Workshop registration page HERE.

You can learn more, share with a friend to take the course together, or gift the course to a friend who is passionate about astrology, herbalism and being in tune with the seasons. Remember, the courses can be enjoyed at any time and don’t require a fixed schedule!

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