Tai ChiHappy Lunar New Year 2023 from Tai Chi USA — TaiChiUSA

Happy Lunar New Year 2023 from Tai Chi USA — TaiChiUSA

The year of the rabbit is here once more,

A time for new beginnings, to open the door.

A time to let go of the past and embrace,

All the joy and happiness that this new year will grace.

At Tai Chi USA, we welcome the change,

With open hearts and minds, we’ll help you find your range. Through gentle movements and a steady flow,

well enable you to find balance and peace, letting go of woe.

The art of Tai Chi, a dance with the breeze,

A journey of self-discovery, a path to ease.

With every breath and every step,

You’ll find tranquility, and your heart will be kept.

So let us celebrate this Lunar New Year,

With Tai Chi in our hearts, let us hold dear,

The promise of new beginnings and hope,

And may the year of the rabbit bring everyone bigger scope,

To find peace, prosperity, and love,

Happy Lunar New Year from Tai Chi USA.

To all the beautiful countries.




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