SwimmingRegan Smith Carrying Confidence On Road to International Team Trials

Regan Smith Carrying Confidence On Road to International Team Trials

Regan Smith Brimming With Confidence On Road to International Team Trials

A month from now, USA Swimming will hold its International Team Trials in Indianapolis, the competition determining who will represent the United States at this summer’s World Championships in Fukuoka. While there will be multiple storylines to follow, one of the more intriguing will be the efforts of Olympic medalist and world champion Regan Smith.

Late last summer, Smith announced she was foregoing her final three years of collegiate eligibility and leaving Stanford University to train under the eye of Bob Bowman in Tempe, Arizona. At the Mona Plummer Aquatic Center, Smith is part of a stacked professional group, one that will be highlighted in the upcoming June issue of Swimming World Magazine.

Until that feature is unveiled, it seemed appropriate to share some insights from Smith, since she has been terrific since joining forces with Bowman. The reigning world champion in the 100 backstroke, Smith has been as fast as 57.90 in that event, while delivering a superb mark of 2:04.76 in the 200 back, an event in which she is the former world-record holder.

Smith has also excelled in both butterfly disciplines, clocking a personal best of 56.60 in the 100 distance and going 2:07.30 in the 200 fly, where she is the reigning Olympic silver medalist. For good measure, Smith has been a career-best of 2:10.40 in the 200 individual medley and owns a swim of 1:58.14 in the 200 freestyle.

Not surprising, the 21-year-old is in a good place – physically and mentally.

“I have never felt so confident and at ease.” Smith said. “I have so much trust in the training that I’m doing, and I’m also just really enjoying what I’m doing. Having fun is the most important part. Swimming is now technically my job, but it doesn’t feel like that at all and I’m so grateful. Coming to Tempe and being under Bob has been the greatest fresh start I could ever ask for. I feel like a new person and swimmer. One who is happier, more optimistic about training, and more confident in my abilities.”

On a regular basis, Smith is racing some of the biggest names in the sport, ranging from Chase Kalisz to Leon Marchand to Hali Flickinger to Olivia Smoliga – and more. If nothing else, the daily demand of practice has prepared Smith for the fast-approaching summer. Still, the environment has also featured the right amount of levity.

“The atmosphere at practice is awesome,” Smith said. “It’s very professional because we know we have work to get done, but we also know how to balance things out with humor and fun. Someone who keeps things light is Chase. He always has something to say during practice and is really entertaining and funny for everyone. No one is afraid to race each other and push each other during practice which I also really love. It makes it a lot easier to race in an actual meet after racing everyone in Bob’s group week after week.”

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