StrengthWeekly Wake Up- Live From Your Strengths!

Weekly Wake Up- Live From Your Strengths!

Do Hard Things Nation Weekly Wake Up!

This weeks topic: Live From Your Strengths

Tom Kiat is the author of The Ultimate Men’s Playbook, world-class performance coach, natural bodybuilding champion, and father of 2. He is the founder of League of Elite, a men’s high achievers program, and manages the careers of a selection of elite athletes, executives and popular influencers. Tom currently makes his home just off the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica. Contact Tom:

Jay Tiegs believes taking on difficult challenges in life with persistence and commitment enables people to find great success in life. He is a Transitioning veteran with over 25 years of service, from private to sergeant first class before commissioning as an officer. His mantra “Do Hard Things” has enabled him to overcome many struggles in life and achieve success in completing difficult challenges. This shift in perspective allowed him to go from a directionless teenager who grew up in a fatherless home to a commissioned officer in the United States Army, where he successfully commanded two units that specialize in leadership development of our nation’s next generation of emerging military leaders.

He now shares his outlook on personal transformation as a speaker, trainer, and high-performance coach for audiences ranging from elementary school children to executive-level leaders.

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Welcome to the Do Hard Things Podcast with your host Jay Tiegs, Are you ready to amplify and improve your life? Then you are in the right place. On this podcast we have unfiltered conversation with inspiring people who take on challenges and share with us, the wisdom from their journey. We talk about how doing hard things adequately enable all of us to deal with life’s struggles and challenges and ultimately improve the quality of our lives.

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