FashionPearlescent Nail Polish Sets : Perfect Polish

Pearlescent Nail Polish Sets : Perfect Polish

The Perfect Polish Set by Pleasing shares uniquely packaged nail polish products, plus alphabet decals for adding an extra touch of expression to creative designs. The four-piece nail color kit includes shades like glossy and pearlized Perfect Pearl, iridescent Pearly Tops, Granny’s Pink Pearls and Inky Pearl, a pearlescent black.

Pleasing, the new beauty brand from Harry Styles, sees the opportunity to engage the senses and blur boundaries, all the while taking “inspiration from the way nature adorns itself and the multitude of unique identities in our community.” The shades included in the nail polish set seem to reference the newfound popularity of the classic pearl necklace, which is being sported by all genders in a way that puts a twist on tradition.

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