FashionInclusive Diamond Campaigns : diamonds for all

Inclusive Diamond Campaigns : diamonds for all

The high cost of traditional diamond jewelry often makes it inaccessible to the average person, but lab-grown diamonds are changing this by making precious stones more affordable and accessible to all—and Pandora’s Diamonds for All campaign brings this message to the masses.

Pandora newly expanded its lab-grown diamond category with a trio of collections, and a campaign featuring Pamela Anderson, American sign language interpreter and performer Justina Miles, former model and Vogue creative director-at-large Grace Coddington, actress Amita Suman, model Sherry Shi, and musical artist and dancer Vinson Fraley. This convention-challenging campaign starring icons in their own right celebrates people from all different walks of life with unique styles and stories.

“There’s a lot of tropes around how diamonds are perceived and who are they gifted to,” says Pandora’s chief marketing officer Mary Carmen Gasco-Buisson, “and one of our commitments from the beginning of Pandora is that we really want to bring amazing jewelry to everyone.”

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