FashionCozy Rapper-Backed Sneakers : snoop dogg 1

Cozy Rapper-Backed Sneakers : snoop dogg 1

Snoop Dogg recently released a sneaker collection with the footwear brand Skechers, which has now resulted in a multi-year partnership. Initially teased in a Super Bowl commercial, these sneakers will be available in unisex men’s sizing, with additional women’s sizes to be introduced in September. Skechers has also revealed plans to launch two additional capsules in the near future. Among them is a collectors line that will showcase Snoop Dogg’s NFT (Non-Fungible Token) character, Dr. Bombay.

“We were already working with Snoop on the co-branded collection prior to his incredible award-winning Skechers x Snoop Dogg Super Bowl commercial earlier this year,” Michael Greenberg, president of Skechers, said in the release. “Snoop combined his eye for style and laid-back sensibility with the signature comfort of Skechers, resulting in an authentic collaboration and partnership.”

The Skechers and Snoop Dogg collection is currently sold out, but fans can expect the rapper’s new releases to come soon.

Image Credit: Skechers

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