Fashion'City Golf' Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

‘City Golf’ Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

Golf fashion brand BEAMS GOLF has announced the launch of its unisex ‘City Golf’ Fall/Winter 2021 collection. The diverse capsule boasts an extensive assortment of golf-related apparel and products ranging from stand bags and jackets to polo shirts and golf visors.

As a whole, the collection puts forth a series of refreshingly stylish golf-ready looks that effortlessly blend functional, sport-specific elements with high-fashion stylings. One standout piece in this collection is the ‘Action Punch Strap Skipper’ shirt, a heavily patterned garment with the letters ‘BG’ embroidered on the right chest and branded badges on both of its arms. Another eye-catching item is the purple ‘Jacquard Paisley’ sweater made from merino wool.

Other interesting pieces within the collection include a floral patterned womans dress, a pair of water reppellent paisley pants, and the ‘Stand Bag 3’, which comes in gray, navy, and black.

Image Credit: Beams Golf

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