Fashion3D Snake-Adorned Sneakers : COBRAS

3D Snake-Adorned Sneakers : COBRAS

Italian luxury designer Giuseppe Zanotti has officially unveiled the COBRAS, an eye-catching, snake-themed sneaker silhouette that was first teased at this year’s Milan Fashion Week. To promote the one-of-a-kind sneaker, Zanotti tapped acclaimed rapper Young Thug, who is known for using a snake emblem throughout his artwork and on his social media channels.

The ultra-luxe running shoe features a premium leather construction on its uppers, a perforated toe box, and an abstract heel. However, the highlight element of the new shoe is a scaled 3D cobra with crystal eyes that wraps around its midsole and reappears on the outsole. Currently, the COBRAS are being offered in a red, pink, white, and black colorway.

“I have always loved the symbolism of the snake,” says Zanotti. “It is a powerful and dynamic motif I have explored in many collections, but never before on a sneaker.”

Image Credit: Giuseppe Zanotti

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