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The StadiumBusiness Summit is the world’s leading meeting for the owners, operators and developers of stadiums, arenas and sport venues from around the world. Each year, the event assembles a world-class speaker line up of those who are disrupting the industry to share, debate, discuss and decide the future of the business. Hundreds of CEOs, GMs and industry experts representing the world’s greatest sports teams and venues attend the event annually.

The organization’s 2013 event was comprised of four different venues, four conference tracks, two stadium tours and one awards night. It was also the first year they used a mobile app for their 417 attendees and Stova was selected. “In short, we were delighted with the response,” says Ian Nuttall, founder of Xperiology.

The Stova mobile app for the StadiumBusiness Summit 2013 included features such as information lists for attendee, exhibitors, sessions and speakers. It also had floorplans to make for easy event navigation and a news feed so that attendees could get all the latest updates. Event organizers were also able to send 32 push notifications to keep attendees informed of program updates, preevent information and program highlights.

At the end of the event, organizers recorded nearly 3,000 individual app sessions and 17,721 app actions across the 84% of attendees that took advantage of the app.

“All our different stakeholders reported positive [feedback about the app],” Nuttall says. “Our sponsors appreciated the additional marketing and communications channel. Our attendees enjoyed the networking tools – and the push notifications, which also helped us direct visitors to the right places at the right time during what was an operationally challenging event.”

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