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How to Achieve the Best Turnout as a Dancer — A Dancer’s Life

If you’re a ballet dancer or have an interest in ballet, the word ‘turnout’ would sound unsurprisingly familiar to you. It is a term used to demonstrate the placement of your feet determined by your hip rotation. Your turnout is one of many aspects in ballet that contributes to your level of technique, hence is highly noticeable to, say, an examiner when performing. Read on for our helpful advice on how to maximise your turnout using different exercises.


Here we’re referring to the circular movements of your feet and ankles. Whilst seated, place your feet in parallel extending both legs out in front of you. Point your feet, flex upwards and rotate them outwards (left and right) to point once more. Be careful as we don’t want to force the outward extension. Next, return them back to the centre. Repeat 15 times and perhaps try it anticlockwise. This exercise can also be done using a theraband. This will add further resistance and ensure your feet and ankles feel warm and stretched. To do so, start by placing the right foot within the theraband and complete the steps above. Repeat with the left foot.

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