DanceAdvice for Dance Teachers — A Dancer's Life

Advice for Dance Teachers — A Dancer’s Life

Encourage gratitude and self-love

Amidst the pressures of the dance world, it’s easy to forget that owning a healthy, functioning body is a privilege. Instil a sense of gratitude in your students for their bodies, and remind them to practise self-love every day; “self-love” is often associated with face masks and manicures (and can include these things!), but is defined more accurately as having a genuine respect for your mind and body, and a high regard for your own wellbeing. You can encourage gratitude and self-love in your students by teaching them affirmations to repeat throughout the day. Affirmations are a fantastic tool for building positive thought pathways, and can be used to combat the toxic self-talk which fuels negative body image. A few positive affirmations include:

“I am thankful for my feet, which support my body every day.”

“I am thankful for my strong legs, which help me to jump.”

“I am thankful for my beautiful body, which lets me express myself through dance.”

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