CelebrityWORKING UNDERCOVER with The Hollywood Fix to Finds Celebrities!!

WORKING UNDERCOVER with The Hollywood Fix to Finds Celebrities!!


Last vlog you saw Stephen Sharer tour β€œMY FRIEND has THE WORLDS BIGGES HOUSE!! (Touring Donlads Mega Mansion)” and that celebrity home was giant! Well today, Stephen Sharer goes undercover as a paparazzi for 24 hours! That right, Fletcher from the Hollywood Fix photo agency invited Stephen Sharer to tag along as a new employee of his business. But in order to be a Paparazzi Stephen has to be an undercover spy and act like its a spy mission. Stephen works for the first time as a Hollywood photographer with Fletcher Greene from Hollywood Fix catching celebrities, TikTok stars, and Famous Youtubers! While undercover and on the the hunt for the best pictures possible, Steven and Hollywoodfix go on the search for Kylie Jenner, James Charles, Addison Rae, Charlie D’amelio, Griffin Johnson from SwayHouse!! and some of Hollywoods biggest names. Stephen and Fletcher get sneak peaks, behind the scenes and epic reveals of Hollywood’s most famous celebs! #Hollywoodfix who would have thought a single photo could be worth $100,000 or more! This is the life of a #Paparazzi for 24 Hours!

James Charles β€œPaparazzi Picks My Makeup!!”
WORKING UNDERCOVER as DENTIST FOR 24 HOURS!! (Face Reveal Prank on Grace Sharer)
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