CelebrityT.I. Shares His Workout Session | Train Like a Celebrity | Men's...

T.I. Shares His Workout Session | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

Rapper T.I. takes us around Kevin Hart’s gym and shows us the workout he uses to stay in shape—he may hate it, but he’s dedicated to staying fit. Watch more Men’s Health ‘Train Like a Celebrity’ videos HERE:

“Going in, I curse it to bloody hell,” T.I. says. “Afterwards, I appreciate the results of the work. It’s the most useful part of my day.”

TRISET #1 (2 Rounds)
1A – Alternating Incline Bench Press
1B – Bicep Curls 21’s
1C – Med Ball Slams
TRISET #2 (2 Rounds)
2A – Alternating Flat Bench Press
2B – Curl to Arnold Press
2C – Med Ball Slams
3 – Pushups to Failure

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