CelebrityHollywood Celebrities turn ugly! - Shocking illusion #shortsvideo #tiktok #tiktok #shorts...

Hollywood Celebrities turn ugly! – Shocking illusion #shortsvideo #tiktok #tiktok #shorts #short

Flashed face distortion effect

Shocking illusion – Pretty celebrities turn ugly!

Keep your eyes on the Cross!

These faces have not been altered

Prepare to be amazed! In this video, we explore the Flashed Face Distortion Effect,
an optical illusion that can make even the most attractive person look unattractive and distorted.
I will take you through the science of the FFDE and show you how it works.
It will show you some famous celebrity faces and reveal the shocking transformation that takes place when the FFDE is applied to them.
You won’t believe your eyes!

The flashed face distortion effect is a visual illusion involving the fast-paced presentation of eye-aligned faces.
Faces appear grotesquely transformed while the viewer focuses on the cross midway between them.
As with many scientific discoveries, the phenomenon was first observed by chance. The effect has been applied to Hollywood celebrities!

A 2019 paper in Scientific Reports found that the effect is equally strong when the faces are upside down.
This suggests that the effect is independent of the face perception functionality of the human brain,
which tends to react much stronger to right-side up faces than to inverted faces.

You won’t believe your eyes!

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Tangen, J. M., Murphy, S. C., & Thompson, M. B. (2011). Flashed face distortion effect: Grotesque faces from relative spaces. Perception, 40, 628-630 doi:10.1068/p6968


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