CelebrityArthur Dark's Top 10 Famous Graves

Arthur Dark's Top 10 Famous Graves

Welcome to Hollywood Graveyard. Join me on this personal journey as I share with you my top 10 famous graves that I’ve ever visited.

Intro – 0:00
Mel Blanc – 1:14
Walt Disney – 3:00
Gracie Allen & George Burns – 4:38
Marilyn Monroe – 6:53
Clarence Nash – 9:36
Michael Jackson – 11:27
Rod Serling – 14:17
Charlie Chaplin – 17:34
Audrey Hepburn – 20:19
Honorable Mentions – 23:36
Edgar Allan Poe – 25:27

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Produced by Arthur Dark
Music by Giuseppe Vasapolli
Additional Music by Arthur Dark
Special Thanks: William Zattara

Disclaimer: Tour videos are independently produced, and are not endorsed by the respective cemetery. When visiting a cemetery, do so only during regular visiting hours, take only pictures/videos, and leave only approved grave offerings. Be courteous and respectful of both the living and the dead. In deference to families of those profiled herein, any requests to remove profiles by family members of the individual will be honored.

Profile images courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons, public domain media, and fair use promotional material.
Sources include: Wikipedia, IMDb, Find a Grave, etc.

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