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September 2022 Strala Home Calendar: Choose Ease

I Back Away from Rigidity and Choose EaseThe fall gets busy and that can turn into hectic really fast. Thankfully we have a practice of ease to ground...

Wang Qing Yu – Traditional Yang Tai Chi Chuan

Wang Qing Yu, a student of Fu Zhong Wen performs the 1st section of the Long Form from the traditional Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan source

Wu Ying Hwa – Wu Tai Chi Sword

Wu Ying Hwa performs the Sword form of the Traditional Wu style of Tai Chi Chuan. source

Fu Zhongwen – Tai Chi Sword

Fu Zhongwen, disciple of Yang Cheng Fu performs the Yang style Tai Chi Sword source

Wu Ying Hwa – 1984 Masters Demonstration

Wu Ying Hwa performs the Traditional Wu style of Tai Chi Chuan in a Tai Chi masters demonstration in 1984. source

Little Girl Performs Chen Tai Chi

Little Zhang Yuting performs a Chen Tai Chi competition form with other children at the Seventh China Jiaozuo Sports International Taijiquan Exchange Competition. source

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