Beauty5 Best Exercises To Add In Your Gym Routine

5 Best Exercises To Add In Your Gym Routine

Best Exercises To Add In Your Gym Routine

Best Exercises To Add In Your Gym Routine. Your neck isn’t the first body part you want to assault in the gym, whether you’re a seasoned lifter or a gym rookie. A thick neck, on the other hand, helps to balance off a bulky build. Aside from aesthetics, there are even more significant reasons to take care of your neck.

How Do You Strengthen Your Neck Muscles?

Solution 1:- Working Out

Prescription: Perform slow and controlled repetition for both of these exercises. Start with three sets and work your way up to four after a few weeks. Between sets, take as much time as you need to recover.

1) 10 reps of neck bridges (Best Exercises To Add In Your Gym Routine)

How to go about it: Begin by lying down on the ground with your head on a cushion or folded towel, feet flat on the ground, and palms facing down for beginners. Raise your shoulders off the ground, rolling onto your head, and draw your hips straight up (as if executing a glute bridge).

2) 15 reps of back extensions

How to go about it: Balance your weight on your toes while lying down on an incline bench or Swiss ball. Check that your spine is straight from the top of your head to the bottom of your tailbone. Lift your chest a few inches higher, stop, and then slowly lower it. Despite the fact that these are created for your posterior chain, ensuring that the alignment is maintained can help to promote deep Neck Muscles.

Neck strengthening exercises include shrugs, neck rotations with resistance bands (with or without a partner), and overhead movements. Before a workout, you’ll also benefit from thorough stretching and mobility drills. Turn your head left to right, up and down, then around, each time attempting to go a little further.

Solution 2: Get Soft Tissue Work Done (Best Exercises To Add In Your Gym Routine)

It’s not an easy task to foam roll the neck. It gets tricky (okay, nearly impossible). That’s why a good chiropractor who practices techniques like A.R.T (active release techniques) is key. Massage is also an excellent modality for keeping your neck muscles relaxed.

Solution 3: Stretch

During your commute or at work, you can also use the Upper Trapezius Stretch if you’re suffering back or neck tightness. Do the following every hour:

Maintain proper posture by sitting tall and straight with your spine, head, and neck. Gently bend your head with your left hand till your left ear reaches your left shoulder; continue until you feel a stretch in the right side of your neck. Rest your right hand on the floor and walk your fingers away from your body for a deeper stretch. Alternatively, lay your full left hand on the right side of your face (fingers just below your earlobe) and let gravity pull your neck into the stretch even more. Hold for 15-20 seconds at a comfortable range before repeating to the right. Rep 3 times on each side.

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