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Roach leads British men to gold

In the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships, Innsbruck based runner Thomas Roach finishes second with the men’s team taking gold overall. In a gripping race over 3,121 vertical meters on 45.2 kilometers from Innsbruck to Neustift im Stubaital, Norwegian Stian Angermund defended his title with a time of 4:19 hours, coming in first...

Homemade peanut butter protein bars

Sharing a super delicious and healthy homemade peanut butter protein bars recipe! Perfect for meal prep and grab-and-go snacks. Plus, they’re gluten-free and...

2023 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Sharing some gift ideas for all of the ladies in your life! Moms, grandmas, nanas, friends, mom figures, new moms, whoever you want...

Virgo Zodiac: Your Guide to This Earth Sign

The Virgo sign is ruled by the Earth, and this zodiac sign has the ability to remain grounded in turbulent situations. They may...

Best R&B Artists | POPSUGAR Entertainment

It's time we stopped asking about the state of R&B. In case you haven't noticed, the genre has been in great hands for...

Top Winter Hydration Tips |

We know – an article on winter hydration tips? It might seem counterintuitive, as we don’t give as much thought to thirst during...

35 Bible Verses on Mercy

Use these Bible verses on mercy to learn more about God’s forgiveness of our sins, His compassion for us, and His unfailing love. Throughout...

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How Much does it Cost to Lease Gym Equipment?

The closest answer I can give you is: it depends…on A LOT of factors. I’ll go over some of the biggies below. I...

Benefits of Using a Treadmill Twice a Day

Some of the most obvious benefits include doubling your efforts to lose weight, strengthening and toning muscles, and improving your overall health and...

What do Gyms Use to Clean Equipment?

Some types of commonly used disinfectant and a rag or paper towels. There are many types of cleaning agents to use. Gym managers...

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@heavenswag looking stylish on leg day with the Men's Performance Full-Zip Compression Hoodie!

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"I Went From a Little guy to Morbidly Obese" | David Katz Transformation Story

David felt trapped in his body and was determined to prove he was still a hardcore athlete. He lost...

10 Healthy Habits for Losing Weight | Reuben Brooks

In today's video, Reuben Brooks is going to show you the 10 healthy habits that he uses to stay...

12 Must Have Foods For Cutting Goals | IFBB Pro Evan Centopani

Here are Pro bodybuilder Evan Centopani's top 12 Must Have Foods For Cutting Goals. Use the list as a...

12 Must Have Foods For Gaining Size | Evan Centopani

Here are Pro bodybuilder Evan Centopani's top 12 favorite mass-building foods. Use the list as a starting point as...

20 years in the making…We're excited to have you on board @dadbod_steve #bodybuilding #fitness

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2x Ms Physique Olympia Back and Shoulder Workout | IFBB Pro Shanique Grant #shorts

2x Ms Physique Olympia Shanique Grant (@therealfitnessbeauty) shows you her favorite exercises for building a great back ... source

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New Full-Body Superset HIIT Training Workout | POPSUGAR Fitness

Natalie White --- better known as @formbynat turns up the intensity one move right after the other! Upper Body, Lower Body, and ... source

Find Your Inner Strength With This 15-Minute Boxing-Inspired Workout

Feel the beat and turn up the heat while learning some new dance and boxing movements with professional dancer Meagan Kong. This effective...

Top 3 Conditioning Combination Exercises

A straightforward way to give your workouts a new spin is to include some combination moves where you combine two or more exercises...

Jesus Ferreira Training Tips For World Cup 2022

It’s been a historical year for FC Dallas forward Jesus Ferreira. The 21-year-old star recently took home the FC Dallas Offensive Player of...



Co-Branded Fashion Capsules : endless kisses

Skechers has teamed up with legendary fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg for a stylish and comfortable apparel and footwear collection titled 'Endless Kisses.'...


15 Fast Footwork Exercises | Increase Your Foot Speed With These Speed Ladder Drills

In this video, I show you 15 fast footwork exercises to increase the speed and coordination of your feet. Fast and coordinated ... source


14 Ways to Jump Start a Spiritual Awakening Journey • Yoga Basics

While many people stumble on a path of spiritual awakening, others may need a gentle nudge in order to initiate the process. A...