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What Not To Do When Giving Bad News to Your Employees

Whether it's not-so-positive feedback on a project or getting laid off, receiving bad news at work is never fun. However, how a boss or manager delivers said...

Quick Traditional Flow with Maria Leone – Class 4983

Read Full Transcript Hi, I'm Maria Leone. And today we're doing a brisk 20 minute traditional workout. I have Ryan here with me. So...

Fun Spelling Games To Prepare Your Students for the Spelling Bee

What is it about the power of words? We sure seem to love them. Don’t believe me? Consider this: In January of 2022,...

Wet and wild mountains in Portugal

Cinfaēs was the scenario of the longest silver label race of the 2022 WMRA World Cup. Stunning landscapes yet brutal trails around Serra...

Celebrity Buzz: Best Breasts in the West: The Hottest Boobs in Hollywood | Lifetime

Twins, ta-tas, boobs or breasts; whatever you call them, we rate only the hottest in Tinseltown. So forget the recession or the ... source

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3 Exercises to Activate & Isolate Hamstrings

Are you quad dominent? Do you struggle getting growth in your hamstrings? Master Coach Gabe Snow has 3 exercises...

3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Hips | Dr. Andy Chen

We're all chasing goals and if you're human, your hips are more than likely involved. Coach, Dr. Andy...

3 Steps To Constructing Your Fitness Journey |

There are 3 components that encapsulate all you should be mindful of when architecting your new lifestyle. Every week...

3 Tips to Alleviate Shoulder Pain

Chronic pain isn’t meant to be permanent. Dr. Andy Chen has three moves to add to your mobility and...

3 Ways to Improve Front Rack Mobility for Weightlifting

If you struggle with the front rack position then we have three quick tests you can do to help...

5 Tips for Growing Muscle Mass

Gaining quality lean muscle mass takes time, focused effort, and consistent habits Ensure your weightlifting regimen and programming is aligned...

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Service and Wellness Help Vanessa Hernandez Push Past Limits

Sergeant Vanessa Hernandez of the United States Marine Corps could be considered an embodiment of fitness. Aside from regularly completing her physical training...

Swimming has Helped Eddie Hall Stay Laps Ahead of His Competition

Eddie Hall has dropped somewhere in the region of 100 pounds of bodyweight since winning the World’s Strongest Man in 2017, but “The...

30-Minute Abs and Booty With Jake Dupree | DAY 5 | POPSUGAR FITNESS

Fire up your abs and booty with fitness trainer Jake DuPree’s latest bodyweight workout session! In this routine, you’ll get your heart rate up...

30-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout With Natalie White | POPSUGAR FITNESS

Welcome to Class Fitsugar’s newest season! We’re back in the studio, and our new trainer Natalie White will be leading you through a 30-minute...



Comedian-Starring Streetwear Campaigns : Jerry Seinfeld

New York-based streetwear brand Kith has officially unveiled its Fall 2022 collection, which it showcased in a campaign starring iconic New York comedian...


My Top 4 Explosive Exercises For Vertical Jump | Athlete Jump Workout

Want to improve your Vertical Jump and jump higher for basketball or volleyball? You need to train explosive exercises for the ... source


3 Acupressure Points for PMS to Boost Your Energy and Mood

Did you know there are acupressure points for PMS relief? In general, acupressure for PMS can reduce fatigue and boost your energy and...

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