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Aubrey-Lee lost 80 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Transformation of the Day: Aubrey-Lee lost 80 pounds. Health was her primary motivation. She paired low-carb meals and recipes with hour-long workouts to get...

self care routine | hygiene, skin care, affirmations + more | mckennawalker

The first 100 people to use my promo code MCKENNA40 will get 40% off their first order of Hungryroot at ... source

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How Long Does it Take to Walk 10,000 Steps on a Treadmill?

Research shows that, on average, it takes an adult approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to walk 10,000 steps. That being said, the...

How to Remove Rust from Gym Equipment

So you're looking to remove rust from gym equipment! Grab yourself a wire brush, bowl or bucket, rag, a pair of gloves to...

How to do Farmer’s Walk on a Treadmill

The basic steps are easy to follow: Pick up evenly distributed weight in each hand. Stand up straight. Put your treadmill speed VERY low. Take steady steps...

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"I Went From a Little guy to Morbidly Obese" | David Katz Transformation Story

David felt trapped in his body and was determined to prove he was still a hardcore athlete. He lost...

10 Healthy Habits for Losing Weight | Reuben Brooks

In today's video, Reuben Brooks is going to show you the 10 healthy habits that he uses to stay...

12 Must Have Foods For Cutting Goals | IFBB Pro Evan Centopani

Here are Pro bodybuilder Evan Centopani's top 12 Must Have Foods For Cutting Goals. Use the list as a...

12 Must Have Foods For Gaining Size | Evan Centopani

Here are Pro bodybuilder Evan Centopani's top 12 favorite mass-building foods. Use the list as a starting point as...

20 years in the making…We're excited to have you on board @dadbod_steve #bodybuilding #fitness

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2x Ms Physique Olympia Back and Shoulder Workout | IFBB Pro Shanique Grant #shorts

2x Ms Physique Olympia Shanique Grant (@therealfitnessbeauty) shows you her favorite exercises for building a great back ... source

3 Exercises to Activate & Isolate Hamstrings

Are you quad dominent? Do you struggle getting growth in your hamstrings? Master Coach Gabe Snow has 3 exercises...

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iFBB Pro Lacey Pruitt Is a Three-time Cancer survivor

Lacey Pruitt earned her IFBB Pro card in 2018 by winning the women’s bodybuilding light-heavyweight title at that year’s NPC Nationals. While the...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares One of His Important Old-School Shoulder Building Tips

Seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t competed onstage since 1980, but the namesake of the Arnold Classic is still as relevant in the...

Friday Faves – The Fitnessista

Hi friends! Happy Friday! What’s going on this weekend? We’re off to Liv’s dance Nationals competition (so excited) and spending the rest of...

122: from powerless to powerful with Adina Eden

Hi friends! How are ya? I hope you’re enjoying the morning so far! I have a new podcast episode up today with Adina Eden...



Korean Mobile Game Partnerships : braver together

'Cookie Run: Kingdom,' the popular gingerbread cookie-themed mobile RPG created by Devsisters, announced the 'Braver Together' update for Fall 2022. The main notable...