YogaYoni Breathing: Experience Your Sacred Sexual Energy

Yoni Breathing: Experience Your Sacred Sexual Energy

Did you know activating your yoni is a grounding practice?

Grounding practices establish a connection to your body and calm your nervous system. Common grounding techniques can range from physical practices (i.e. breath work or self-touch) to mental practices (i.e. visualizations or meditations).

According to a 2015 study, the benefits of grounding practices include reduced anxiety, a deeper sense of calm, increased blood flow and better sleep.

There are so many incredible grounding options to support your practices, but I want to share my favorite – yoni breathing!


What Is Yoni Breathing?

Yoni breathing is the process of connecting your breath to contractions in your pelvic floor. This practice can be used for simply grounding, but also for creating connection to your erotic energy (hello, arousal).

Yoni breathing allows us to ground into our power, eroticism, sacred sexuality and creativity.

This process of connecting our breath to our pelvic floor contractions is both an essential and powerful practice for vulva owners, as it connects our two sources of life. Our breath that sustains our life, with our yoni portal that creates life – a powerful connection!

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Experience Deep Intimacy With Yourself

Our yoni is our source of power. It is here that life begins and that we can continue to create life. Whether this life is a child or an orgasm or pleasure…all is life! A life that our bodies have the power to co-create with the universe!

This space of power between our legs is a space of our bodies that has been shamed, forgotten and left out of the conversation for many centuries.

Religion and conservatism have kept us from our power, through oppressive ideologies. Science has forgotten to study us (the clitoris was not recognized as a full internal organ until 2005). And even in our conversations among friends, we have left out the discussion of our connection to our eroticism.

Yoni breathing says “I deserve to connect to my body intimately.”

It claims our ownership of our bodies outside of shame or fear. Yoni breathing is a reclamation of the power stolen from us through patriarchal and oppressive systems.


How Do I Practice Yoni Breathing?

Yoni breathing begins by starting in a comfortable position (standing or sitting). Legs should be straight (not crossed) as this allows you more access to pelvic floor muscle contractions.

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Once you are in a comfortable position, take in a deep breath. As you inhale deeply, contract your pelvic floor muscles (like a kegel). Next, on your exhale, release your contraction and relax your pelvic floor.

Inhale, contract.

Exhale, release.

Repeat this cycle and stay here, in this practice, for as long as your body needs.

Note: your contractions do not need to be big and exaggerated. They can be small and slow – this is YOUR practice. Go at your pace and fall into the rhythm that feels right for your body.

Once you feel comfortable with this structure – PLAY! Try the reverse of the breathing:

Inhale, release.

Exhale, contract.

Continue to play by trying quick, quick, slow breaths or slow, slow, quick. This is your space to connect to your power, and connection to our power includes curiosity and play!

Ground Your Sexual Energy with Yoni Breathing

After allowing yourself to tap into your yoni breathwork, you can use this practice before intimacy, during intimacy, and as a daily routine for your grounding into your highest self.

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Allow yourself to use this practice to fall into your own body, and the power you hold within yourself.

You are magic – allow yourself to feel it all.

Have you tried yoni breathing? Does it ground you and create a deeper connection to your sexual energy? Please share with us in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

Yoni Breathing and Sensual Yoga? Yes, Yes, Yes!

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