WorkoutThe Only 3 Exercises you need for long term gains.

The Only 3 Exercises you need for long term gains.

Do you really need that many exercises to gain muscle and strength? In this video, I go over 3 exercises that should always be at the foundation of your strength training. Of course, we’ll be talking about this as it relates to bodyweight strength training and calisthenics!

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So you’ve been working on your calisthenics and maybe feel like you’ve mastered all the bodyweight exercises out there. Well, think again! Josh walks us through which bodyweight strength exercises we should be focusing on and how to challenge ourselves. There are so many different executions we could use and there are always ways to improve. Give this video a watch to see how you could step up your calisthenics game! Best part? You can grab all of these gains at a local park or at home with some minimal equipment.


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