Workout7 Best Exercises for a Round Butt

7 Best Exercises for a Round Butt

The Only 7 exercises that you need to get a nicer, more attractive glutes. This glute workout with get you a rounder butt fast. This bigger glute workout targets upper and lower portions of the glutes. Whether you’re a woman looking for the perfect bubble butt workout or a man trying to add some mass and support for your glutes this video will help.

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Nice round glutes are typically far more attractive than having a flat pancake butt. This preference is often shared by both men and women. And for most people, it appears to be more appealing to have more developed lifted looking glutes rather than underdeveloped saggy glutes. Luckily glutes are not as influenced by genetic potential as other muscles like your calves for example. So you can do a lot to quickly add the proper mass and shape to your glutes while getting a much stronger lower body in the process. So today I want to go over really the only 7 exercises that you need to develop rounder more attractive.     

And the first exercise is by far one of the best Romanian deadlifts. My only warning if you don’t normally do this exercise is that it will most likely leave the back of your hamstrings and your glutes really sore, especially the first time around. This is because you’ll be loading the muscles with weight while they’re in a stretched position, leading to more microscopic tears that you’ll be feeling the next day. But after a few workouts, you will get used to it and they’re definitely worth doing because¬†Romanian deadlifts are even¬†better at targeting your glutes than regular deadlifts. You’ll begin in a similar way to regular deadlifts by stepping up to a loaded barbell. Get your shins close to the bar and plant your feet a little wider than hip-width apart. Unlike regular deadlifts where you would hinge at both the knees and the hips, with Romanian deadlifts you are mostly concentrated on hinging at the hips only and your knees should bend just slightly. Basically just enough to be able to lower the barbell without overstretching your hamstrings. So hinge your hips by pulling them back behind you while slightly bending your knees and keeping your chest up to maintain the neutral¬†arch in your spine. Grab the barbell slightly wider than where your shins meet the bar. Then squeeze your shoulder blades back together, take a deep breath, hold it, and lift the weight up by concentrating on pressing your hips forward and standing upright. Make sure that you’re not just lifting with your lower back. Instead, you should squeeze your abs, keep your shoulders retracted, and drive your hips forward. Exhale at the top, then take a deep breath, and lower back down. For most people, it’s going to be difficult to tap the ground on each rep due to limited hamstring flexibility¬†so it’s also fine to lower the barbell about halfway down your shins before coming back up for the next rep.

Next is an amazing machine that I know many of you are not using for your glutes. The GHR is also known as the glute hamstring raise. As the name implies this exercise will help you develop your glutes without requiring too much additional weight aside from your own body weight. To begin you’ll have to adjust the machine so that you end up in the correct position when you climb onto it. You want to adjust it so that when you’re laying face foward the front of your thighs end up resting on the pads and your hips end up slightly above the pads hanging off. The further up that you position your hips the tougher the exercise becomes. If you’re a beginner just make sure your hip bones end up slightly higher than the pads when doing your reps. Once you’ve adjusted the machine to your height, you’re going to hook the back of your ankles under the pads and press your feet against the metal base. For your starting position, you should be upright with your knees bent. Then lower yourself down around the pads while keeping your core tight to prevent your lower back from rounding. From there you can cross your arms in front of your body, behind your body, or behind your head, if you want a tougher challenge. Then lower your body forward keeping your knees, hips, and back of your neck in a relatively straight line. Remember that this exercise is different from the back hyperextension machine, so you don’t want to be bending at your waist. Instead, lower yourself until your knees are straightened and your body is pretty much in a straight line. Then contract your hamstrings and glutes and squeeze yourself back to an upright position and repeat for reps.¬†

Next we have¬†one of the best unilateral leg exercises that also does wonders for the glutes. Weighted Bulgarian split squats. You can do this exercise by either holding dumbbells at your sides or with a loaded barbell on your traps. To begin you’ll stand a few feet in front of a flat bench. Then you’ll raise one leg back and…


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