Workout5 BEST Football Lineman Training Exercises Upper Body

5 BEST Football Lineman Training Exercises Upper Body [STRENGTH]

5 best football lineman training exercises for upper body strength. Football strength training includes different football exercises to develop muscles that will help offensive lineman and defensive lineman to get dominate the trenches.

5 BEST Football Lineman Training Exercises to build upper body strength

0:00-0:38 Intro
0:38-2:05 #1 Pin Press
2:06-2:45 Pin Press Alternatives
2:46-3:09 Bench Press Fix 1
3:10-3:39 Bench Press Fix Fix 2
3:40-5:04 #2 1A DB Bench Press
5:05-6:19 #3 CG Bench Press
6:20- #4 Eccentric Pull Ups


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1) Pin Press
– maximal strength from nothing
2) 1A DB Bench Press
– unilateral work / core stability / integration
3) CG Bench Press
4) Chest Supported Rows / Seal Rows
-saves low back being supported (can go heavy)
5) Eccentric Pull-Ups
– lineman are bigger so it’s great using their body weight to build maximal upper back strength and balance out all the pushing they do

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