Workout10 Minute Parkour Workout | Ground Exercises | Training At Home

10 Minute Parkour Workout | Ground Exercises | Training At Home

This 10 minute parkour workout incorporates strictly ground movement in a small area for when you need to work out and practice parkour techniques and have no where else to go.

Do 2 sets of this routine for a 10 minute workout
Do 3 sets for an intense cardio burn.
Do 1 set if you are a beginner or you want to do this as a warm up.
Take a 1 minute rest in between each set.

Workout Routine:
15s High Knees In place
15s Butt Kickers
30s Scizzor Jumps
30s Quadrapedal: Forward/Backwards
30s Quadrapedal: Side to Side
30s Jump Tucks
30s Floor Safety Vaults or Floor Scoots
30-60s Leg Lift Butt Lift (bent knees or straight leg)
30s Quadrapedal: Ground Kongs
30-60s Precision Cross Jumps (2 feet or 1 foot)
60s Side Plank Leg Extention Hold, Switch sides
10-60s Bridge Hold

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