Workout10 Minute Abs After Baby (8 Diastasis Recti Safe Ab Exercises)

10 Minute Abs After Baby (8 Diastasis Recti Safe Ab Exercises)

Rebuild your core after baby with these 8 diastasis recti exercises! Specifically targeting the transverse abdominals (TVA) and pelvic floor muscles (both of which are weakened during pregnancy).

This workout is specifically designed to heal diastasis recti, strengthen the pelvic floor, and rebuild your abs after baby.

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✨THE WORKOUT: Diastasis Recti: 10 Minute Abs After Baby✨

► EQUIPMENT: None! Just your bodyweight.

► INSTRUCTIONS: Follow along with the video above.
00:00 Workout Introduction
02:20 Move 1: Transverse Abdominal Breathing (TVA breathing) + Core Connection
02:57 Move 2: Lying Heel Tap + Leg Lift
03:33 Move 3: Lying Bent Knee Pulls
04:15 Move 4: Elevated Bent Knee March
04:52 Move 5: Elevated Leg Extension + Leg Drop
05:27 Move 6: Elevated Leg Extension + 2 Circles
06:00 Move 7: Elevated Bent Knee V-Taps
06:45 Move 8: Elevated First Position Kick Outs
07:22 Repeat all 8 Moves

*Note: Start where you are and do what you can! Maybe you start by performing the first three exercises for 20-30 seconds, rest and repeat. Then slowly add on exercise 4, then 5, and progress your way up to completing all seven exercises. You can always work up to performing these exercises for 45-60 seconds.

The 8 Best Diastasis Recti Exercises:
1️⃣ Transverse Abdominal Breathing (TVA Breathing) + Core Connection
2️⃣ Lying Heel Tap + Leg Lift
3️⃣ Lying Bent Knee Pulls
4️⃣ Elevated Bent Knee March
5️⃣ Elevated Leg Extension + Leg Drop
6️⃣ Elevated Leg Extension + 2 Circles
7️⃣ Elevated Bent Knee V-Taps
8️⃣ Elevated First Position Kick Outs

See video for complete workout and proper exercise form.

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8 BEST Diastasis Recti Exercises (10 Minute Abs After Baby)

► How soon can I start these exercises postpartum?
I always recommend chatting with your doctor or midwife about resuming exercise postpartum. Every body (and every pregnancy) is so different! I personally started using these 8 Diastasis Recti exercises around two weeks post-baby.
I started with the first four exercises for diastasis recti repair. I progressed up to all eight post-baby ab exercises around 6-8 weeks postpartum.

► What if I feel these moves in my lower back/thighs instead of my abs?
If you’re feeling ab exercises in your thighs and lower back, that could mean your hip flexors are taking over the work and the moves are too advanced! I would scale back and try the modifications of each of these exercises! I go through them in the video but you can also find them written out here —

►How to check for Diastasis Recti at home:

► My “babies” are teenagers — can I still do this workout?
YES. This workout is great for ALL women, regardless of whether you’ve had a baby (or when that baby was born).
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