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What the New Moon in Scorpio Means for Your Sign

A twist of fate darkens the sky with the arrival of the partial new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25 at 3:50 a.m., PT/6:50 a.m., ET. Eclipses have long been considered seasons of unpredictable change and have sometimes signaled catastrophic events. A solar eclipse (as opposed to a lunar eclipse) is similar to a new moon and marks the beginning of a cycle, so you can think of it as a supercharged new moon. New moons take place when the moon has very little light and in the darkness, we are called to rely on our instincts and intuition.

Solar eclipses speed up timelines by bringing conversations, situations, or things we’ve been avoiding to the forefront of our consciousness. Fated events can unfold before our eyes, as if destiny steps in and takes the reins for a while. This new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio is poised to put us in touch with our primal and raw nature.

This new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio is poised to put us in touch with our primal and raw nature.

The influence of Scorpio asks us to spend some time with our subconscious. What’s lurking beneath our polished exterior? What have we been hiding or avoiding? A release may need to take place before we can shift and make space for something new to grow. The ability to navigate challenges and remain present with our triggers and responses can lead to profound psychological insight and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

The new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio will conjoin with Venus, the planet of love, relationships, values, and finances. These topics or themes may also be involved in our personal eclipse stories. Are you reigniting a love? Unearthing wounds from the past to embrace a deeper sense of intimacy and trust in your unions? Perhaps you’re ready to let go of power dynamics and relationships that are no longer serving you. This is a cosmic shedding of our skins and a confronting of our fears around partnership and relationship patterns. A new start is around the corner, but first, we must walk through the fire and surrender to change.

For a holistic view of how the new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio may affect you, read on for your rising, sun, and moon signs for more insight on how this solar eclipse will affect your zodiac sign and birth chart.

How the new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio may affect your sign


You may feel ready to release a big karmic debt, as the solar eclipse activates your eighth house of shared resources, intimacy, fears, loss, taboo and transformation. You’re ready to feel lighter. This is a powerful time to deepen bonds of intimacy and trust or release connections in your life that are causing more harm than joy. A financial shift may be occurring, too, whether that means you’re about receive an inheritance, make a big purchase, or otherwise.

Your full moon self-care practice: Time for some mirror work. Sit in front of the mirror and visualize little you on the other side. Whatever fears, anxieties or burdens you’ve been carrying, send your younger self love, compassion, and forgiveness for any feelings of grief, loss, shame or sadness. You deserve to lighten your load.


Your relationships are top of mind with the new moon in Scorpio moving through your seventh house of partnership, one-on-one connections, and contracts. What are the shadow sides in your relationship? Are there any power imbalances to address? For some, this may look like an ending and release so that a healthier partnership can flourish in the future. For others, this may be a time to address topics that have been ignored for far too long. It’s through dialogue and seeing each other’s perspectives that healing and evolution can occur.

If romance isn’t in the air, a powerful and life-changing contract or business partnership may be entering your life.

Your full moon self-care practice: Have the tough conversations you’ve been avoiding. Allow yourself to name the feelings and emotions that have been simmering beneath the surface. You will feel lighter.


Your routines and habits matter, Gemini, and you’re more aware of that than ever with the new moon solar eclipse lighting up your sixth house of habits, rituals, health, daily work, and sacrifice.

Have you just taken on a major responsibility? It’s likely that your daily life is about to shift. What outdated patterns and habits can you release so you can make space for a routine that is supportive of your needs and desires? Your rest and health matter, so do your best to tune in to what your body is telling you as you adjust to your new normal.

Your full moon self-care practice: Write down your morning routine. What does it look like? Is it different every day? You’ll benefit from repetition and commitment to certain rituals and routines. Make space for healthier habits by crafting your routine and sticking with it.


Something new is being born within you, Cancer, as the solar eclipse activates your fifth house of children, fertility, creativity, pleasure, and joy. You may be ready to expand your family or your “birthing process” may be tied to a creative project that’s lived in your heart for decades.

Now is a potent time to revisit your inner child. What were their fears? What triggers still linger within you today? Send them love during challenging times when they need it most. You can heal at a rapid rate thanks to Scorpio’s energy in the sky. Indulging in your pleasures and what inspires you can also lead to creative breakthroughs.

Your full moon self-care practice: What activities truly make you happy? Revisit childhood memories to remember something that brought you joy. Then, prioritize time to be carefree and engage that activity.


What will your story and legacy be, Leo? The solar eclipse moves through your fourth house of your roots, family, home, and ancestry and asks you to reflect on your family’s story and what pieces of it you continue to carry with you. This is a potentially painful but cathartic time to shed old generational patterns and ingrained trauma within your body.

You’re ready to reclaim what family and foundation mean to you, but first you must confront the past with the courage only a Leo knows. Dramatic shifts within your family unit, living situation, or even career may also be taking place. This is an incredibly reflective time, so allow yourself to rest. You will shine again.

Your full moon self-care practice: Practice some grounding exercises. Step outside barefoot–on grass or dirt, if possible, and pretend there are two energetic cords connecting you to the Earth’s core. Do this daily to root deep into the Earth and revitalize your energy.


It’s time to clear up some of your thinking patterns, Virgo, as the solar eclipse lights up your third house of communication, learning, travel, and extended family. If you have close siblings or extended family, you may experience a turning point in your relationship with them.

Now is also a time for mental purging. What narratives and ways of thinking have run their course? It’s time to shed self-destructive thinking patterns and habits. Can you invite more kindness into the way you speak to yourself? You may also be receiving a dramatic piece of news, information, or signing up for a course that could change your life.

Your full moon self-care practice: Give automatic writing a try. Clear your head, close your eyes and write down what comes to your mind first. Let the words flow and follow them. You may write down a nugget of gold. Take an inventory of what helpful tidbits are in your subconscious.


Financial shifts are on the horizon, Libra, as the solar eclipse activates your second house of income, resources, and values. You may be starting a new job or have recently accepted a promotion, but a financial situation may reach a dramatic turning point. Are you finally ready to stand up for your worth? This is also an opportunity to review your personal values; where have some of your shadows and shortcomings gotten in the way of the values you hold? Could you benefit from putting yourself in someone else’s shoes? You may be ready to understand a situation from a different perspective.

Your full moon self-care practice: Spend a little cash on yourself. Is there something you’ve been yearning for? Honor your physical needs and senses. Investing in your desires matters.


It’s impossible to resist this season of change, Scorpio, especially as the solar eclipse moves through your first house of identity, personal ambitions, psychological foundation, and vitality. You may feel called to step into a new version of you: Revamp your look, sign up for classes you’ve always wanted to take, make changes in your closest connections, leave a job. Wherever the winds of change have been blowing, you’re spreading your wings and ready to fly. If anyone can handle it, it’s you. Let fate take the wheel, and witness the beauty and process of this destined transformation.

Your full moon self-care practice: Dress up as your future self! Who do you want to be? What do they dress like? What do they act like? Embody the future version of you now because there is no better time than the present.


It’s time to release any guilt, shame, or fear you’ve been carrying on your heart, Sagittarius. The solar eclipse activates your 12th house of closure, endings, health, and spirituality. This is a time to process what’s been weighing on you emotionally, physically, and spirituality. It’s a time of healing and digging into your subconscious to uncover any gaping holes that need addressing. Healing will require rest.

Allow yourself to slow down and lean on your spiritual team and tools to move through any stages of grief or feelings of loss. It is through pain that we are able to truly understand the beauty of joy. This is clearing out space for you to welcome something magnificent into your life. Go with the flow as best you can and tend to your heart.

Your full moon self-care practice: What is your relationship like with shame and guilt? Can you work on sending yourself forgiveness and compassion? Allowing yourself to admit and name anything you’re holding onto that no longer serves you is the first step of purging. Extend extra care, forgiveness and kindness to yourself the same way you give it so willingly to others.


You’re reflecting on your sense of belonging as the solar eclipse activates your 11th house of community, friendship, hopes, and dreams, as well as allies. Do you feel welcomed in your places of community or singled out in some way? You may notice some friendships fall off the radar and “eclipse” themselves out of your life. This will allow you the space and time to invest in more aligned connections and friendships. This may also be a shedding of past hopes and dreams. What is your vision for the future? Evolution is an ongoing process, so allow yourself to shift and listen to what’s speaking to your heart.

Your full moon self-care practice: Share your dreams with a friend. You deserve to be seen, appreciated, supported, and to share the magic of your desires. Speaking about it with a friend will help bring them closer to your current reality. Also, pay attention to who you feel comfortable and safe sharing with and who you don’t. Set boundaries within those connections as needed.


It’s time to release attachments and expectations, Aquarius, as the solar eclipse lights up your 10th house of career, reputation and legacy. You may feel called to take a leap of faith in your career or start a new job, position, or chapter. In order to make this move, you may have to let go of a position or expectation you’ve long held. Are you making your decisions based on what you think others expect of you? Or are you following your inner light and guidance toward what’s truly fulfilling. This may be an aha moment that you’re craving a deeper sense of purpose.

Your full moon self-care practice: Hop in the time machine and dial it back to 10 years ago to reflect on how much you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come. Honoring and recognizing your wins is a critical step. You deserve to celebrate yourself.


It’s time to focus on your mind, Pisces. The solar eclipse moves through your ninth house of expansion, risk-taking, perspective, travel, and higher education. You may have an opportunity to shine or show off your skills in an area of expertise. Or perhaps you’re ready to take a risk or trip of a lifetime. This is bucket-list energy. Wherever your heart leads you, you’re seeking greener pastures and new experiences.

First though, you must release and surrender any ties to the past that aren’t health-supportive. Where have old ways of thinking or operating been more harmful than helpful? You’re ready for a fresh start and have the potential to move mountains with your mind. Groundbreaking information or news may also arrive that could lead to clarity and transformation.

Your full moon self-care practice: Get lost in a visualization practice. What is the greener pasture you’re envisioning? Get detailed, and embody what it will be like once you are there. This will help you integrate and manifest the reality of your dreams.

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