WellnessTRUTH - The Struggle is Real!

TRUTH – The Struggle is Real!

In a world where everyone wants to convince you of something, I’m going to approach this as you can figure it out yourself. Obviously I have an opinion, but I’m going to tell you how to find your own truth.

It starts with WHAT IF… What if the minority was right? what if the people being silenced were right? what if you were lied to? Or maybe you do know the truth, and then you should ask others: what if? When you don’t ask yourself what if, you could be setting yourself up for a lifetime of problems, or even a shorter lifetime. It is always your decision what you do for your health, but how about your kids or others? You find this out afterward, or years later they start suffering with health issues. It is not too late to ask… what if? If you feel you made the wrong decision, it isn’t too late, there are still things that can be done.

How do we find out the truth? In this blog, I will discuss how we go about finding the truth when it comes to our health, why we need to look at what both sides are saying, look at things we know to be true, and connect the dots.

27% of Children struggle with a Chronic Health Issue and 45% of Adults, and if you haven’t stopped to ask why these numbers keep going up, then there is no better time then now!

I don’t even have a kid and my heart breaks that 27% of children have an ongoing health issue. WHY is what my whole blog is centered around. I can’t and don’t say how to fix health issues (that isn’t my place), my focus is PREVENTION, WELLNESS.

Where is this Going?

It is hard to stay quiet when you know something horrendously criminal has taken place. It is hard to stay quiet when you know there is going to be an explosion, but you just don’t know when. But I can’t convince one person of it, no, they need to discover it for themselves. The truth is ugly and hard to hear. Keep reading because if it really is the truth – that changes everything!

I’ve been reading more and more about the aftermath of all things related to the p*andemic and it is hard to ignore it. If you read my history of our healthcare and my other blogs on Flaws in Healthcare, you probably know that our healthcare is largely based on profits. That is a fact. It is controlled by a group of people with a lot of power and money that work behind the scenes. They want to divide us, make us sick, and have big plans that are not in our best interests.

But the point of this isn’t to push my views or thoughts, it is to look at rational logic and available research to figure out what the truth is.

Research and Find the Truth!

An image of a person doing research on a computer to emphasize the importance of researching to find the truth. I have heard of many atheists turning to God because they did intense research and found out God is the truth based on historical facts. Not because someone told them, not because they had a spiritual moment (that does happen too though). It is because they looked for evidence to prove there was no God, by looking for evidence of a God and found instead the truth of Jesus and a God. They did real research comparing various written records.

As one man said, “if God is the truth that changes everything.” What if the people being silenced are telling the real truth? Does that not change everything? Are you going to look for evidence of this truth? If you are trusting what you found in a Google search, and what it says on Wikipedia then you are not looking for evidence of the truth. You have to hear from the people being silenced.

I don’t like to be manipulated. I’m open to hearing opinions, but I do research and look at facts and logic. Look at whether or not the source is trustworthy. What are their intentions for sharing? I’m not going to blindly accept what I hear from news/media when I know they don’t have the best intentions. Of course some c*nspiracy stuff plays on people’s vulnerabilities, as well. I don’t accept any of it without research and logical. Some of it is out there, some of it is maybe possible, and some of it makes total sense.

We Have to Look at Both Sides

Court Cases Look at Both Sides -> Shouldn’t We Do The Same?

Focusing on what the majority of people say isn’t the way to find the truth. In a court case both sides get to share their stories, and then people look at the evidence. If you only hear one side of the story, then how can you know what the truth is? What if the criminal gets away with it and just walks free?

Maybe there is a scenario where everyone just assumed the husband killed the wife because he seemed like a mean, cranky guy. But, it wasn’t him. Maybe he just wasn’t really a people-person, but was very much in love with his wife. So if they don’t look at evidence and hear both sides of the story, the wrong man could walk free and commit another murder.

But we don’t get to hear both sides, we are just told one side is lying and they are silenced. Don’t we deserve the right and freedom to make those decisions for ourselves?

Sometimes Evil Disguises itself Well

I heard of a situation where a guy was physically abused for years by his dad who was pastor. He looked like an amazing person to the whole community, but then behind closed doors was abusive. There are many instances of evil in this world being shadowed by good. There are many people who look great to the rest of the world, and then gaslight and abuse people behind closed doors. Some don’t even realize they are doing it, and others are just plain evil. Yeah the devil is real, evil in this world is real.

Gaslighting is A Powerful Tactic

Most people don’t think they are being gaslighted. That is why it is so effective.

People were gaslighted during the p*andem*c. Even though I knew better, I felt it. I had to stop and question things on more than one occasion. This is because I could see the majority of people being brainwashed. The only reason I didn’t become gaslighted is because I knew it was happening. It is very hard to break free from gaslighting or recognize it.

“Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which the abuser attempts to sow self-doubt and confusion in their victim’s mind. Typically, gaslighters are seeking to gain power and control over the other person, by distorting reality and forcing them to question their own judgment and intuition (NEWPORT INSTITUTE).

How the Brain Works & How It Is Used Against Us

Many marketing people study how the brain works to come up with effective marketing/sales strategies. This is both good and bad. Some people use this knowledge appropriately, and some take advantage of it to manipulate, lie, and deceive people into buying their products or services. But they are not the only ones who study how the brain works. People in positions of power, also study how the brain works. They then use those concepts to manipulate and control people.

Herd Behavior

One concept commonly used is “Herd Behavior.” Our brains are naturally built to exhibit Herd Behavior. It is an instinct to want to fit in and be accepted. So people leverage our in-built desire to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing. Therefore, people don’t analyze or follow justification. This is also where gaslighting comes into play. This was one of many tactics used during the p*andem*c.

Social Proof

Another concept used in marketing and often by people in power is the concept of “social proof.” Even if a person isn’t an expert we tend to trust them if they have a fancy badge, a certification, or everyone else believes them. Even if a person isn’t an expert on a topic, we tend to more easily trust someone in a lab coat over a person wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt. Many people in power know that they need to utilize professionals that look the part, have the education, and the certifications, to get people to listen to their message.

This happens in marketing when people buy a fancy makeup product because their favorite celebrity endorsed it. The celebrity might not even use the product. BUT it also happens in healthcare, politics, and other areas as well! We have seen it happen when the sugar companies paid to have studies showing fat is the reason for obesity and other health conditions. Both a marketing and a health scheme was done to make milk seem like an essential part of our diet that we needed for calcium. No one needs to drink milk for calcium!

Social Proof & Herding Used Together

There is so much information on how the brain works that you could get a degree in it. I’m sure I could explain many more brain tactics as to how healthcare and people in power manipulate people, but hopefully you get the picture. People in power will pay people or use other means of persuasion to get people who have the PhD, have the reach and trust (news sources), researchers, etc. to present what they want people to know or hear. They use “social proof” among other tactics, and then with a big enough reach they rely on “herding.” Then, they discredit and use various tactics to silence the people who say otherwise utilizing the concept still of social proof. Because they are made to look bad in the news and all across the web. Almost everyone either has a price tag, or can be manipulated when you pull the right strings threatening their livelihood or family.

IF you don’t think you have been manipulated by marketing or a healthcare company, you most certainly have! We all have.

I don’t have the degree, the lab coat, the certification for you to trust me, and that’s why I provide research and logic. You can look at the research combined with some logic and decide for yourself.

You can also look at who profits, who gains power, and who can be manipulated. You can also look at who makes little money or none. I’m not gaining any profit from sharing this.

Look at the Facts!

Fact: Increase in Chronic Health Issues 

Studies point to an increase in chronic health issues – that’s a fact. Just a simple Google search and you can read article upon article about it. Normally I would say don’t trust everything on the first page of a search when it comes to your health, but we can see it with more young people struggling with chronic health issues.

Fact: Profit Driven Healthcare System Focused on Fixing Symptoms

Our healthcare system primarily provides pills, surgeries, and other medicines to fix symptoms – not find the root cause of an illness. That I learned through my health struggles, but is a fact that is known by many. It’s not hard to see. Not all holistic doctors are good, but I’ve found good ones that have helped me find underlying health issues and actually fixing them vs putting me on drugs that cause even more problems. I wouldn’t have the energy to write this today if I didn’t go down the holistic route. I would be in bed crying in pain.

Fact: We Have Been Deceived in the Past by Them

We have been lied and deceived in the past by the government. Political corruption taking place is also evident when we were told the Food Pyramid was the way to eat, or that fat makes you fat and not sugar, or how natural practitioners were labeled as unreliable and dangerous for years, and many more health lies covered in my Flaws in Healthcare section and throughout my other blogs.

If a friend has a history of deceiving or lying to you, do you just blindly keep on trusting them? Hopefully not! You either stop trusting them completely, or you analyze, investigate, and pay close attention to see if they have changed.

Fact: False Information? You can decide.

The media, large search engines, and other news sources censoring and spreading false information is probably what most people struggle with. That is a hard pill to swallow. Evidence of this shows with many reporters who have been fired for trying to report the “real news” not the fake news that they are forced to share. Don’t be too hard on reporters for sharing fake news, many are subjects of brainwashing. The brainwashing is really effective. The media is corrupt. They are controlled by larger PR firms, which are controlled by rich and powerful people. Social media platforms we know are also censored.

Other Evidence I’ve seen…

Huge gaping holes in the stories told in the media and the story is constantly changing. But then I hear what the other side is saying it seems so researched, scientifically sound, and logical. It explains the reasons for the holes in the mainstream news and all the things that don’t add up.

I read articles/podcasts/videos created my Mercola and Robert Kennedy Jr. with real facts, facts from people who do have the education, certifications, or have been in the positions where they have seen things firsthand. Many searches say, “don’t trust them,” but 100 years ago all chiropractors were called “quacks.” Now 40% of people go to a chiropractor. I have also found documents written by people who were once part of creating v*cc*nes, and a document of people covering things up.

The stories kept changing, but people kept on complying. The story about m*sks changed multiple times, the story of needing them vs not needing them. First we were told they don’t work, then they do, then you don’t need it if v*acc*nated, then you do even if v*cc*nated. You only need one v*cc*ne, plus 3 more, and then you need it every month. Then, there were so many other things that didn’t add up! Flu cases went down, and hospitals were labeling people who died in car accidents as dying from the v*rus, etc. The people in charge were changing their story regularly. There was even recordings of people saying one thing, and then changing their story, being called out on it, and then denying it. But the evidence is there! IT IS NOT OVER, THE TRUTH STILL MATTERS!

The whole p*ndemic gave me an extra push to start this blog, and at the time I didn’t have enough resources to share about all the lies surrounding it. I also didn’t know and couldn’t believe how bad the aftermath was going to be. Now I’ve got plenty of resources!

Where Do You Fit In?

Most people probably fall into one of the three groups of people. Group 1: the one’s who know too much to be brainwashed, Group 2: the one’s that want the truth, but our scared and not sure what to think, and Group 3: the one’s that fully trust in the healthcare and media. Some will also push their views on others.

You can think for yourself. You can get super angry and defensive. It won’t change anything because I haven’t tried to convince anyone of anything but research. I don’t want to be trusted completely, I want people to seek out and learn for themselves what the truth is. That’s more effective.

I’m aware that I can literally give some people all the evidence, research, and facts and they will just deny it completely. Of course, people actually have to want to listen. It is really, really bad when some people label themselves as Christians and then are harassing and threatening other people. Sure there are times when I feel this burning anger toward people, but then I go to church and I’m reminded of what person I want to be. When you run across these people ask them, “did you ever look at the research being shared by the people being silenced?” Do they just get defensive?

People have literally risked their lives to share the truth. Some of these people worked behind the scenes on v*cinn*s and have families and full lives and they lost everything trying to do the right thing. What will you do?


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I am a business owner, marketer, innovator, writer, and artist. I have a passion for wellness with a wealth of knowledge surrounding: wellness, flaws in healthcare, root causes for chronic illnesses, and alternative treatments. My expertise includes over 5 years of marketing, research, and developing content for holistic health businesses. Plus, my own personal journey of becoming chronically sick: understanding what went wrong, and finding a way to heal and live a healthier life.

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