WellnessThis New Oracle Deck Combines the Magic of Astrology + Herbalism

This New Oracle Deck Combines the Magic of Astrology + Herbalism

Have you ever used an oracle deck? Whether you use one frequently as part of your meditation routine or are you just looking for a fun activity for a weekend with friends, Anima Mundi’s

is a mystical card deck designed to amplify our intuitive and energetic knowledge. Harnessing the powerful connection between the wisdom of plants and their astrological correlates, this 55-card deck is already selling out with Anima Mundi’s hardcore fan base.

Not familiar with Anima Mundi? Meet founding herbalist Adriana Ayales HERE. Adriana’s line of herbs, adaptogens, teas and beauty products fit seamlessly into modern life and are some of our most precious daily staples!

Her new deck, richly illustrated by Josephine Klerks and published by Hay House, illuminates the traditional medicinal applications, ceremonial uses, spiritual messages, animal guides, and symbolic meanings associated with each card.

“I was guided to create this oracle deck to help lift the veil placed on ancient healing systems and diagnostics, particularly within herbalism,” Adriana told us.

“From a young age i’ve connected deeply with the spirits of nature, and my path is to help bridge ancient knowing back to modern times. This oracle deck is an ofrenda, a divine offering; a tool to invoke and connect to the archetypal energies within Nature, and ourselves.”

The Herbal Astrology Oracle Deck is an introduction to the mystical and ancient dance between herbalism and astrology. If you’ve been interested in going beyond the surface of herbalism into the symbolic worlds of nature, this deck is it. Integrating folk history, magic, herbal energetics and divination, this oracle promises to open an “ancient portal into the energy and healing power that connects the stars above us and the plants growing from the earth”.

Shop the unique 55-card oracle deck and guidebook before it sells out. A perfect little gift for all your friends on Costar and Pattern.

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