WellnessThe Full Moon in Pisces Wants Every Sign To Get Creative

The Full Moon in Pisces Wants Every Sign To Get Creative

Brace yourself for a wave of emotions coming on September 10 at 5:59 a.m. ET/2:59 a.m. PT, when a full moon in Pisces dances across the sky. Full moons reveal information and shine light on specific areas in our lives, depending on what sign they’re in. In the case of compassionate, selfless, and ethereal Pisces, the final zodiac sign, this full moon will bring up themes related to closure, rest, and our healing. Pisces reminds us that when we surrender and trust, we can free ourselves from any guilt, shame, or stagnant energy we’ve been carrying that’s holding us back.

This full moon in Pisces sits across the sky from grounded and practical Virgo. This axis asks us to reflect on our daily input, habits, routine, health, as well as our relationship with our boundaries. Have you been pushing yourself to the edge? This full moon reminds you of your innate right to rest.

As the full moon reaches its peak, it will mingle with Uranus in Taurus, inspiring emotional breakthroughs and encouraging us to try something new. If you’ve been processing your grief or problems the same way and nothing seems to be helping or changing, consider this is your cosmic wake-up call.

The moon will also be cozying up with Neptune, the planet of spirituality, healing, and illusion. Clear-off your rose-colored glasses—it will be easy to miss red flags and see the potential in all situations and people. Neptune can also inspire creativity from our emotional depths. This is a wonderful full moon for chasing your creativity, sharing from your heart, and extending forgiveness to yourself and others.

During the full moon, Jupiter will be inching toward an opposition with Mercury retrograde in Libra. This planetary combination invites us to shift our perspective. Dramatic conversations can unfold, and the tendency to be too brash or too diplomatic may also manifest. Can you find a balance between asserting your needs and delivering that message in a tactful way? The answer is yes—it will just take your courage to embrace uncharted territory.

Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs for more insight on how this full moon will activate your birth chart.

How the full moon in Pisces will affect your sign


The full moon in Pisces illuminates your 12th house of closure, healing, spirituality, and solitude. If work has been overwhelming, something’s got to give. Your livelihood matters, as does your physical, spiritual, and mental health. This is your cosmic reminder to slow down, smell the flowers, take the cat nap, and don’t be afraid to tell others “no.”

Your full moon self-care practice: Your self-care is simple and it requires exercising your discernment. When we are presented with an opportunity, we always feel it in our body first. Does it feel like a full-body “hell yes”? If so, take it, but if not, you have the right and responsibility to yourself to say no to others.


The full moon in Pisces moves through your 11th house of hopes, dreams, community, and friendships. A wish of yours may finally be granted–congratulations! People entering your life under this lunation are also of special importance. Someone in your network may connect you with a person who can help you in a profound way. Dream big and stay curious.

Your full moon self-care practice: It’s time to forge new partnerships and connections. If you’ve noticed someone’s profile on LinkedIn and wished you were connected, send them an email already! You’re one degree of separation away from your dream life.


The full moon in Pisces lands in your 10th house of career, accomplishments, and reputation. You might be completing a project at work or accepting a promotion or new role. Major milestones related to your home and private life might also be unfolding around this time. Whatever event is taking place, you’re feeling more connected than ever to the divine. Allow yourself the opportunity to sink into your gratitude for this milestone or life experience.

Your full moon self-care practice: Write yourself a thank-you card and detail everything you overcame to get here. You deserve the recognition and celebration.


The full moon in Pisces illuminates your ninth house of education, public speaking, publishing, travel, and adventure. Teachers and mentors may be taking extra notice of your skills, potential, and dedication, so don’t underestimate yourself. You might also be itching to get away from home for the weekend. In general, you’re craving new experiences and are open to trying something new.

Your full moon self-care practice: Leave your routine at the door! Take a risk, try a new restaurant, or go on an impromptu trip. Your mind is feeling stagnant and is eager to soak up new adventures.


The full moon in Pisces moves through your eighth house of investment, intimacy, psyche, and transformation. You have the unique ability to appreciate both the light and the dark, and you may spend extra time with the inner workings of your mind and extending yourself compassion. Your healing matters, and you’re ready to put in the work to transmute any shadows that are holding you back.

Your full moon self-care practice: If you’re calling in a potential collaborator, draft an email correspondence. Pretend to be that person you’re hoping to hear from and express your excitement about working with you and your project. This will help you prepare to make that dream a reality.


The full moon in Pisces lands in your seventh house of relationships and contracts. You have the opportunity to form fruitful relationships of all sorts under this lunation–whether they are romantic, platonic, or professional. If you’ve been hoping for a dream collaboration or opportunity, now is your chance to reach out. If you’re in a romantic union, you may be taking the next step or discussing your shared future together. What dreams are you ready to bring to life?

Your full moon self-care practice: Practice putting yourself in your partner’s shoes. If you’re not coupled up, this practice still applies. How can envisioning yourself in someone else’s situation help bring you more awareness, healing, and compassion for others in your orbit?


The full moon in Pisces illuminates your sixth house of daily work, routine, health, and habits. When we don’t honor our physical body and its physical, emotional and spiritual needs, our vitality diminishes. This full moon asks you: Are you venturing into self-sacrificing territory? Don’t be afraid to phone a friend and vent. You’ve been carrying a lot and it’s time to lighten your load.

Your full moon self-care practice: Write out your morning routine. What does it all entail? What can you weed out and refine? Build in one new, productive habit.


At its core, this full moon is a reclaiming of your inner child. You’re reminded of the bliss that exists when you release the adult pressures of fitting into a specific box and pleasing others. You’re focusing on what brings you joy. Follow it and cultivate it. You deserve to feel free again.

Your full moon self-care practice: Dance is a wonderful way to embody the magick of celebration. Think of your last major accomplishment and dance as you sink deeper into the feeling.


The full moon in Pisces lands in your fourth house of home, family, and ancestry. This is a powerful full moon for recognizing subconscious patterns you may have picked up from your family. You don’t have to operate with the programming they taught you. Major news, conversations, or turning points with your family or close loved ones can also take place. With Uranus’ involvement, things appear to be shifting in your favor.

Your full moon self-care practice: Spend time looking through old family photos if you have the privilege to have some. If not, take time to visualize your ancestors who came before you. What were their stories? Extend love to the young versions of your family members who need it most.


This lunation reveals the potential for conversations that can awaken your creativity. Your perspective might also shift as you learn more information or consider others’ experiences. You have the ability to have heart-opening conversations that can lead to paving the way for fulfilling connections.

Your full moon self-care practice: A little automatic writing goes a long way. Sit down under this full moon and ask yourself–what news or information am I waiting for? Journal about it and explore this question. You may actually already have the information you need.


The full moon in Pisces illuminates your second house of resources, income, sensuality, and self-worth. You may be wrapping up a specific project or saying goodbye to an old workplace. If you’ve been overworking, this is an aligned time to listen to your body. You may feel called to make a big splashy purchase or indulge in a much-needed massage or therapy treatment.

Your full moon self-care practice: Try some grounding practices. Go outside under the early hours of the sunlight and place your bare feet on the ground. Imagine two cords connecting you to the center of the Earth. Visualize the Earth’s endless energy sending you fuel through those connections.


The full moon in Pisces lights up your first house of self, identity, and personal ambitions. This is your name-in-bright-lights moment–you’re shining and others are taking notice of you. But first, you’re tasked with shedding your skin. What old stories, patterns and versions of yourself are you ready to let go of? A fresh start is around the corner. Experimenting with your look and physical expression will also be incredibly healing and magical at this time.

Your full moon self-care practice: Sit down in front of the mirror and speak to yourself gently for two minutes each morning. What did you need to hear when you were younger and struggling? Send yourself that encouragement now.

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