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The 3 Best Brow Treatments In L.A.

Unless you’ve decided to embrace the bleached brow trend like Bella Hadid did last fall, a strong brow is still the look du jour lately. We’re happy to see the overly bushy brow fade to something more subdued lately, but a strong, face-framing look still reigns supreme.

If you’re looking to up your brow game this coming year or take a break from all that constant filling in, check out what we’re calling the three best brow treatments in L.A.

There’s no one-size-fits-all here. It really depends on the look you’re going for the and the level of commitment you’re ready for! From nano brows and microblading to lamination and brow feathering, here are our favorite treatments to achieve a naturally fuller look that’s both flattering and safe…

Long-Term + Dramatic:
Michal Cohen On Microblading + Nano Brows

We first met Michal at Stevi Christine’s Beverly Hills studio. Michal Cohen (pronounced Mee-hal) has worked as a celebrity makeup artist in L.A. for over ten years. It’s that work that led her to a passion for the perfectly shaped brow. Michal’s meticulous and remarkably subtle style of microblading is some of the best around for those hoping to achieve and natural, lasting look.

the treatment: Microblading and/or nano brows are a method of implanting specially formulated cosmetic pigment into the skin in the brows. While this is a method of tattooing, the pigment used is not tattoo ink and is not implanted as deeply into the skin as a tattoo. Microblading is a manual method of cosmetic pigment implantation while Nano brows (or machine strokes – many terms are used for this method) utilizes a powered tattooing machine or a cosmetic machine pen to implant pixelized strokes.

what to expect: This is a method of tattooing, so if you are not comfortable with having something that could possibly be implanted into your skin forever than this is not for you. Also do your research about your artist, and try to speak with them beforehand to be sure this is the right artist for you. It’s not always about price, you want to make sure you’re in good hands no matter where you go. So if something in your gut is saying it’s not right, move on!

who it’s for/not for: Microblading is for clients of any skin color with normal to dry skin, preferably younger skin that hasn’t had too much sun exposure or damage.

Nano Brows may be used for skin textures of any skin color from young to very mature skin as the method of implantation is much more gentle.

how to book: Call, text, email, or visit michalmakeup.com for details.)

The Feathered Brow:
Kristie Streicher’s Signature Brow Grooming

The Treatment: The Feather Brow. Kristie popularized the “feathered” brow look over the last few years — a brow that’s swept up and, as it sounds, more ‘feathered’ than the hard-lined brow look of recent past. Shaping services with Kristie can be done alone or paired with tiers of services like their Brow Lift (a tint and Keratin treatment designed to last 5-8 weeks) or Microfeathering®, Kristie’s take on the procedure that requires two visits.feathered brow treatment

Photo courtesy Kristie Streicher

Who It’s For: Before seeing Kristie and team, they ask that clients commit to 6-8 weeks of outgrowth, meaning you can’t even look at a pair of tweezers in that time. As long as you expect some decent growth in that period and aren’t afraid to go for it, this treatment is for you.

How to book: Kristie and her sisters make up Striiike, a full service salon in Beverly Hills that offers hair and makeup services too.

Short-Term + Subtle:
Liliana Felleti On Brow Lamination

Liliana’s Venice studio is a beauty beacon for cool girls across the city. As LA’s obsession with brows exploded, Liliana became a go-to girl for subtle brow lamination — a treatment that’s shorter term and less dramatic than microblading for those who aren’t ready for a big commitment…liliana brow treatments from LA professionals

the treatment:
Brow lamination

who it’s for: Brow lamination is for anyone who wants to tame their unruly brows or make their fine brows look fuller. It’s less dramatic and shorter term than microblading. I often include a light brow tiny alongside this service to amp up the effect.

what to expect: Fuller, groomed looking brows for 2-3 weeks. Results can be a little more pronounced in the first few days and will settle in soon after. If you have any big events I recommend booking about a week prior for optimal results. You’ll want to keep your brows dry for 24 hours after your appointment.

who it’s not for: Lamination is not recommended for pregnant women. If you’ve had a peel, laser treatment or microneedling, please wait until your skin is fully healed before coming in. Note that lamination creates an upswept look that will make your brows appear taller. As a result, it can also make small foreheads look smaller.

how to book: DM me directly on Instagram at @lilianafelleti

At-Home Brows:
3 Pro-Recommended Brow Growth Products

All three of these brow growth products are prostaglandin-free and can be used at home, if you’re not ready to commit to a treatment. Both Liliana and Michal recommend these products, treatment or no, for impressive brow growth:best brow treatments

DIME Boost Duo | This double-sided wand gives two products in one. For daytime, the Eyebrow Enhancing Gel acts as a serum and brow gel all at once. For night, the Eyelash Boost Serum can help your brows and lashes grow stronger and longer while you sleep.

Agent Nateur Lash & Brow Sérum | This conditioning serum doubles as a styling gloss that adds shape and shine to your brows and lashes. Patented clean technology that won’t cause irritation or pigmentation.

Vegamour GRO Brow Serum | Vegamour’s natural vegan formula contains their exclusive Polyphytobase Complex, plus active phytomolecules, zinc, and biotin, which are building blocks for healthy hair.

Questions for our brow pros? Ask away in the comments!

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