WellnessNo Creating Today.......let's talk. How is everyone doing? Mental Health/Wellness Check In...

No Creating Today…….let's talk. How is everyone doing? Mental Health/Wellness Check In Day

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My BIG BUBBLE Soap Recipe:
5% Castor Oil
31% Coconut Oil
32% Palm Oil
32% Olive Oil
My Water Amount is 35% and I superfat at 5%

LYE SOLUTION STRENGTHS (plug into soapcalc.net )
Lye x 3 (your water amount) = 25% lye concentration Good for beginners who need a lot of time to work (lots of water, very fluid, will take longer to cure)

Lye x 2.5 (your water amount) = 28.6% lye concentration Good for Kaleidoscope Pour

Lye x 2.3 (your water amount) = 30.3% lye concentration Good for Swirls

Lye x 2.2 (your water amount) = 31.3% lye concentration Good for Hanger Swirls

Lye x 2.1 (your water amount) = 32.3% lye concentration Good for Soap Dough

Lye x 2 (your water amount) = 33.3% lye concentration Good for Layers

Lye x 1.7 (your water amount) = 37% lye concentration Good for Frosting (you want this to thicken up quickly to pipeable consistency)

Lye x 1.6 (your water amount) = 38.5% lye concentration Good for experienced soapers (Steep water discount)

Lye x 1.5 (your water amount) = 40% lye concentration Good for Castile Soap (Very DEEP water discount to cure/harden more quickly)

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