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How Mercury Retrograde in Libra and Virgo Will Affect You

Mercury retrograde is an astrological transit well-known (and well-feared) for wreaking cosmic havoc. This upcoming one, happening in both air sign Libra and Earth sign Virgo, will prove no exception. If anything, as the planet backpedals through these very different signs from September 9 to October 1, the off-kilter vibes are bound to encompass areas of life associated with both—something of a double whammy.

“While Libra focuses on one-on-one relationships, karmic balance, and the beauty we can find in the small moments, Virgo rules over the sectors of daily life, processes, habits, and rituals,” says astrologer Ellen Bowles, co-author of Astrology SOS. Apply the crossed-wires energy of Mercury retrograde to these areas of life, and it’s likely we can expect some relationship misunderstandings, along with some confusion around mundane details or practicalities.

“You may find it more difficult to articulate your point, speak your mind, or make a decision.” —Alexandria Lettman, astrologer

The Libra-esque disruptions will dominate the first half of the retrograde, from September 9 to 22, while the Virgoan upheaval will feel more present starting September 23 through October 1. “During the first half of the retrograde, you may find it more difficult to articulate your point, speak your mind, or make a decision,” says astrologer Alexandria Lettman, founder of spiritual wellness platform Jupiter Jewel. You may also get an out-of-the-blue text from an ex, because ’tis the season for relationship drama.

When the second half of the retrograde rolls around, mishaps could arise in a more literal or practical way. Timing issues, data and written errors, and travel delays are likely, says Lettman, given Virgo rules over all things detail-oriented and pragmatic. “It’s essential to build more time into your schedule to edit work, read fine print, and travel to new destinations,” she says.

To get more intel on how these shifts will impact you specifically, it’s worth considering how this Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo will interact with your birth chart—in particular, your sun sign (aka the sign that drives the thrust of your personality and which you’d read for in a horoscope). Below, Bowles and Lettman share how this retrograde may uniquely affect each sign, so you can know how and where you should expect the unexpected.

Here’s how Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo may affect each sign, according to astrologers


This Mercury retrograde could challenge your relationships, Aries. While the planet is in Libra, it falls directly opposite your sign, highlighting your seventh house of partnerships. “Take care when communicating with a partner as there may be a greater chance of you misunderstanding each other,” says Lettman. And if you’re single? Prepare for an ex to return to your sphere or for some other off-kilter event in your love life. “Allow retrograde season to pass before making any big decisions, but use this time to observe what information is revealed to you,” says Bowles.


As a fixed sign, you might love a routine—but it’s possible that you’ve become too set in your ways, Taurus. This transit begins by shaking up your sixth house of daily rituals, pushing you toward adaptability and flexibility, says Bowles. “Don’t get too fixated on what might not go according to plan,” she says. “Problem-solving and thinking quickly will be more important than routine.” Once Mercury shifts into Virgo, take some time to reflect on your relationships, adds Lettman. Is your dating life up to par with your high standards?


Because Mercury is your planetary ruler, any time Mercury goes retrograde, you really feel it, Gemini. Given your core connection to Mercury is your knack for communication, you’re often left struggling for or stumbling over your words when Mercury goes off its track. “Try not to get too agitated if you find that you have to revisit old conversations with your family,” says Lettman. “Aim to communicate with intention and understanding.” In a new light, the issues you once fought over with loved ones might be more solvable than you realized, says Bowles.


You may already be prone to sentimentality, Cancer—but with this Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo, you can expect to feel 10 times the nostalgia. This transit highlights your fourth house of familial roots, leading you down memory lane. “It could be a good time to journal about past feelings or talk them out with a trusted loved one or therapist,” says Bowles. “At the same time, though, it’s important to remember that the past can inform us without controlling our future narrative.”


As with Gemini, communication could be a major theme for you during this retrograde, Leo. In your case, that’s because the transit starts in your third house—the house ruled by Mercury, spanning all things thinking and speaking. “Be patient when talking things out with people, as it may take longer to resolve arguments or to get others to see your perspective,” says Lettman, “but it’s worth the effort.” When Mercury shifts into Virgo, it’ll touch your second house of finances, making it wise to bring that same level of patience and concern to any details around money-related businesses or projects, says Bowles.


You may feel tempted to indulge yourself, Virgo. After all, it is your birthday season. But when this Mercury retrograde starts in Libra, it’ll be highlighting your second house of finances and resources, “serving as a reminder to be intentional about spending,” says Bowles. “Make sure to shop around before committing to a big purchase as details may seem fuzzier than usual.” When Mercury later shifts into your sign, activating your first house of identity, be sure to take it easy on yourself. You’re typically one for self-critique, but it’ll be important not to fixate on your imperfections during this time, says Lettman.


This retrograde could feel personal, Libra. It starts in your sign, pushing you to reflect on who you are and how others perceive you, says Lettman. You may find that others pose a challenge to your identity or authenticity—in response to which you should simply let them. “It’s important that you stay true to yourself and remember not to take on others’ projections or insecurities during this time,” says Bowles. Part of doing that might mean prioritizing your mental health, whether by resting, meditating, or practicing other kinds of mindfulness exercises designed to soothe any spiraling thoughts, says Lettman.


“Normally, your intuition is unbeatable,” says Bowles of your deeply empathic water-sign energy. “But this retrograde could have you second-guessing your intuitive downloads.” That’s all thanks to its activation of your twelfth house of the inner psyche, which it’s bound to rustle up a bit. “Grounding energy will be important during this time,” says Bowles, who suggests working with crystals or spending time outside in nature, connecting to the Earth.


Prepare for some crossed wires, Sagittarius. With this Mercury retrograde hitting your 11th house of social connections, your workplace or personal networks could be on the fritz, in one way or another. “A run-in with an old friend could leave you feeling unexpectedly anxious, or you might find it tougher to make plans with friends that actually stick,” says Lettman. Alternatively, you could find yourself struggling to understand your colleagues or feeling misunderstood yourself. “It’s easy for tones to be misconstrued, so before jumping to conclusions about something, slow down and have a calm conversation,” says Bowles.


Classically, you’re one of the most work-centric signs of the zodiac, but that tendency could come back to bite you this Mercury retrograde. The transit occurs in your 10th house of work and career, presenting potential hurdles on work projects. “It may be wiser to focus on refining ventures you’ve already started during this time than to jump into something new,” says Lettman. You could also feel the need to step back from work in order to evade burnout, says Bowles. “This is a time to assess your priorities and turn your energy toward healing any aspect of you that’s been neglected by your focus on work.”


You could find yourself thinking about old things in new ways, Aquarius. This retrograde starts in your ninth house of exploration, intellect, and travel, perhaps leading you to revisit creative endeavors you may have put on pause, says Bowles. Taking the time to reflect on these projects now could grant you a clearer understanding of how to move forward with them once the retrograde ends, she adds. As Mercury moves into Virgo and activates your eighth house of shared resources, turn a careful eye toward any business partnerships you may have agreed to and the ways in which they could impact your future, says Lettman.


Your boundaries could be tested during this retrograde, Pisces. That’s not uncharted territory for you as an empathetic, feelings-centric water sign—but with Mercury first retrograding in Libra and then in Virgo, touching both your eighth house of sex and seventh house of relationships, you could easily find yourself spread too thin if you don’t stand up for yourself and your time, says Bowles. “The lesson of this transit is to not place others’ feelings above your own and to advocate for your needs courageously.”

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