WellnessHealthy Eating Habits and Lifestyle | Wellness and Health Tips | EP192

Healthy Eating Habits and Lifestyle | Wellness and Health Tips | EP192

Today, in “Healthy Eating Habits and Lifestyle,” you will learn
• The process to maintain your well-being and maximize your energy
• Mental and physical health tips and habits that can change your life
• 8 wellness tips to create a solid foundation

One of the most critical keys to success requires that you maintain your mental and physical well-being. Today you will learn health tips that millionaires with amazing lives incorporate into their lifestyle.

Whether you want to up your game or dramatically improve your life, you will learn how to start making changes today.

In today’s episode, “Healthy Eating Habits and Lifestyle,” I show you how.

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[00:00] Healthy Eating Habits and Lifestyle intro
[04:05] What successful people do so they enjoy physical activities (This was a
game changer for me!).
[04:15] One of the most common exercise regimes of millionaires (Yes, it is a favorite
of mine, too!).
[05:50] The one habit that will change your life – guaranteed!
[06:30] The one lifestyle tip that will dramatically reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s,
obesity, cancer and even heart disease.
[07:00] One habit that is super easy to forget about
[15:33] The one ingredient that you should avoid at all costs
[17:50] The latest research on eating fat (This may surprise you!).
[18:43] One food that destroy your health and well-being
[19:56] Why gut health is so important
[20:56] The power of polyphenols

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