WellnessGala Loves Everything #40: My New Daily Routine For Health, Wellness, Beauty...

Gala Loves Everything #40: My New Daily Routine For Health, Wellness, Beauty & Manifesting!

Hello, my name is Gala, and I’m obsessed with daily habits and routines to make life better. Here are some of the new things I’m doing every day that are making me feel more creative, beautiful, and sleep like a log! (Links to everything below!)

P.S. My new book, MAGNETIC MINDSET: How To Make Love To The Universe & Manifest Anything, is out now!

Cacao Clarity:
Owaken Daily:
Vegan Rocky Road Overnight Oats:
Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller:
Skinny Confidential Pink Balls Face Massager:
Proven skincare:
Rose spray mist face tanner:
Charlotte’s Magic Serum:
Vital Proteins Moon Milk Collagen Latte:
HigherDose Infrared PEMF mat:
DMH Aesthetics LED Light Mask:

High Vibe Honey:

I’m the EFT/Tapping and Manifestation Queen and a bestselling author. I’m a New Zealander, living in a glowing neon dreamhouse on the beach in Southern California. For the last fifteen years, I have been working in the self-development space, teaching women how to truly love themselves through EFT/tapping, books, and workshops. …And we have a LOT of fun doing it! Before I started this work, my life was in shambles due to depression and an eating disorder. After I healed myself using tapping, I became obsessed with the idea that what we think is a life sentence is actually just a story.

Professional accolades? Okay. My TEDTalk has been viewed over a quarter of a million times (and it was my first time speaking in public!). My first book, Radical Self-Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dreams (Hay House, 2016) became an instant bestseller at #1 in its category and has been translated into five languages. I’ve taught at NYU, been featured everywhere from Vogue to the New York Times, and worked with celebrity clients like the original Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso.

That’s cool and everything, but for me, nothing compares to meeting a woman who has been inspired to totally transform their life because of my work. It’s literally my favorite thing on the planet.


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