WellnessEssential Oils for Wellness & A Review of Organic Aromas

Essential Oils for Wellness & A Review of Organic Aromas

Essential oils are great for a wellness lifestyle! There are many ways to integrate essential oils into your wellness lifestyle including applying them to your skin for mental or physical benefits, utilizing them for perfume or skin care, diffusing them into the air, or adding them to cleaning products.

What are Essential Oils? They are plant extracts. They are made up of plant roots, leaves, stems, flowers, fruit, seeds, and bark and are created through a distillation process using steam or water. As you know, plants can provide us with many health benefits. Pure essential oils can be anti-bacterial, anti-cancerous, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, anti-microbial, anti-tumoral, anti-parasitic, anti-viral, and antiseptic.

Essential oils are not a new thing, they have been used for wellness practices for over 5,000 years. They are considered mankind’s first medicine. They have been used for everything from aromatherapy, therapeutic, religious ceremonies, beauty care, and preservation, to food, for thousands of years.

Why Diffuse Essential Oils with the Organic Aromas Nebulizer Diffuser?

The harsh chemicals in cleaners are harmful to your health and add chemicals to the air you breathe. As I mention in my blog Air Quality Solutions and Replacing Chemical Cleaners, indoor air pollution is a huge problem with indoor air being 5x more polluted than outside air. Essential oils purify the air. Keep in mind though, certain essential oils are not safe for young children such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Additionally, some essential oils are good for pets, and some should be avoided.

This leads me to a review of the coolest diffuser Organic Aromas Nebulizer Diffuser.

You will find most essential oil diffusers are made of cheap plastic materials, and they look cheap too. It is also important to note, essential oils can damage plastic over time. I also own one of these plastic diffusers and I’ve been meaning to replace it. I was going to replace it with just another diffuser that is just a more fun style, but still plastic. But then I learned about the Organic Aromas Nebulizer Diffuser.

Organic Aromas diffuser is made of high quality materials with custom-blown glass and a hand-made wood base. Plus, you can have it custom engraved, which you can see I got my logo on it. I wish my logo was slightly bigger, but it does look really cool.

It comes in both black wood and light wood. I personally like the light wood because it looks more natural.

It reminds me of a science experiment the way the diffuser has somewhat of a beaker shape and the way the smoke rises out of the glass. It looks exceptionally beautiful at night with the changing colors. Even when the diffuser is not on, it still makes an excellent decorative piece.

Scent Travels a Long Distance!

Although the diffuser has a low and high setting, even on the low setting I find the diffuser has a much further reach then the Young Living Diffuser I have. I can smell it across the house over three rooms away. I should also mention this diffuser is different than most diffusers because it doesn’t require any water. You simply remove the top piece and place around 20 drops of essential oils into the glass base. You then switch it on. The smell seems to reach a further distance because the oils are not diluted by water.

Cleaning the diffuser is fairly simple, which I appreciate it. You dump out the old oils and add some isopropyl alcohol to the diffuser with a pipette (included), swirl it around, and dump it out. Then, do this one more time blasting micro-tubes 5-6 times.

The diffuser also will diffuse for a bit, and then pause for a bit. So it is very efficient. This keeps it from overwhelming the space with the scents.

Great Packaging But Instructions are Missing

The diffuser did come nicely packaged, safe from being damaged. There is clear instructions on how to test out the diffuser before use, but I was disappointed to find no instructions on how to use it. I mean there is instructions with text and pictures, but NOT in English. I had to get on my computer to find out how much oil to add, to my surprise – not to add water, and view an online video on how to clean it.

There are also some precautions on the website that I wish were included in the packaging manual. I wouldn’t think cleaning it with water would be a problem. Luckily, I took the time to see how to clean it the right way.

Organic Aromas Essential Oils

They seem to be pure, organic oils which is super important for health reasons. Some oils can contain added ingredients that are not great for your health. I tried three different essentials oils and found the lavender to be fairly pleasant, but a bit more potent of a smell than the Young Living lavender I have. Young Living lavender has a bit of a sweater smell which I like. The lemon scent is exactly what I would expect, it smells great. The signature blend smells good when it is just diffused for a bit, but I wouldn’t leave it on too long.

I would highly recommend Organic Aromas Nebulizer Diffuser!










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