WellnessEllis Brooklyn APRÈS Perfume Is a Ski Vacation in a Bottle

Ellis Brooklyn APRÈS Perfume Is a Ski Vacation in a Bottle

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Well+Good predicted that nature-inspired fragrances would be reigning supreme in 2022, and we were right. We’re seeing more and more perfumes invoke the power of nature’s elements to enhance your mood, make you feel more relaxed, or mentally transport you to some of your favorite places on earth.

Launched a few weeks before the New Year, Ellis Brooklyn APRÈS smells like a ski trip, and I’ve been wearing it for months. While I usually switch over to florals and citrus scents in the summer, I tend to keep my spring scents more smoky-sweet and a little spicy. It feels more unexpected, and it takes me back to the magical beginning of winter.


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APRÈS’ main notes feature a perfect balance between sugar and spice: You get an immediate whiff of saffron, juniper berries, and cardamom (these ingredients give it that subtle “Christmas tree” smell), followed by a boozy blend of bourbon and praline. Musky vanilla, cedarwood, and sandalwood pop through, which empowers the fragrance to take you back to your toasty cabin in the woods, where there’s always a crackling fire and you’ve always got a mug of cocoa warming up your palms. Don’t you already feel oh-so-cozy?!

Aside from APRÈS smelling like snowy mountains (heavenly), it’s also formulated for maximum longevity. I generally give myself a few generous spritzes (behind the ears, on the neck and arms), and the scent will last all night long. It’s strong—but it’s not overwhelming or cloying. I’ve had countless friends and family members compliment me on the fragrance, telling me I smell like “the best part of winter.”

Others on the internet agree. “I’ve never smelled another perfume like this. Warm, but also somehow crisp and fresh like cold winter air. Not a very strong projection; it’s something others can only smell when very close to you,” one Sephora shopper notes. Another writes, “I love woodsy, smokey, sweet, but it’s a very delicate and difficult balance to make things compliment each other than fight. I bought this blind because of the scent notes, and I’m SO happy I did.”

Just a heads up: If you prefer more traditionally “femme” scents, this one does lean a little bit more toward what you might think of as “masculine,” even though it’s technically unisex. For what it’s worth, I tend to gravitate toward feminine scents like YSL’s Mon Paris and Roses De Chloe by Chloé, but I love APRÈS. And I’ll be wearing it until Memorial Day weekend.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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