WellnessBLOOMING LIFE Neurographica Class by NeuroGraphicAcademy Holistic Health Wellness Therapy

BLOOMING LIFE Neurographica Class by NeuroGraphicAcademy Holistic Health Wellness Therapy

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Join us for a new live class, BLOOMING LIFE, on Saturday, May 7 at 9:00 am PDT.
Blooming is about becoming the best version of yourself, and this transformational Neurographica class, led by certified instructor, Anna Romanenko, will help you grow towards becoming your most vibrant, blooming self.
If you are one of our Membership Club members, you can join the class for free. Anyone who would like to participate who is not a Membership Club member can purchase the class here:

This channel is for online neurographica lessons in English for beginers and advanced. If you like it and want to learn more, sign up for our classes.

Neurographics is a part of holistic aproach to health and wellness. It helps to reduce anxiety & stress; get better relationships and health.

In Neurographica the internal process during the drawing is the most important aspect. Drawing is just a reflection of it. We pay attention to our reactions, our resistance, our body sensations. NeuroGraphica helps to achieve goals, process deep emotions, identify resources and use them.

Neurographica is a method that enables us to transform our own perception of ourselves and our environment by using graphic techniques

Website: NeurographicAcademy.com
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The Neurographica method is based on the practice of drawing, coupled with the intention of the one who is creating the picture in order to express their feelings and emotions through the drawing.
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The Neurographica method is very practical, it helps to initiate positive changes in your life. Neurographica is about breaking patterns. We are finding new solutions, finding organic ways to release outdated patterns in our lives.

Neurographica helps to recognize personal patterns or hidden obstacles, and try different steps to find a creative solution. It can be used as Art Meditation for self-exploration, expressing emotions, holding a positive intention.
We use Neurographica to balance our mind and inspire creativity and imagination.

Website: NeurographicAcademy.com
Email: neurographicacademy@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/Neurographicacademy


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