WellnessBeing Proactive for Social, Emotional, and Physical Health - Teacher Wellness Tips

Being Proactive for Social, Emotional, and Physical Health – Teacher Wellness Tips

As a teacher, you have a lot of responsibilities. Being proactive about your health will help you keep your work and life in balance! Let’s listen to Shannon share some tips on investing in your social, emotional, and physical health so you can feel your best in and out of the classroom.


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Just as proactive classroom management makes your classroom time easier, your own proactive behaviors can help you with your personal wellness! Staying in touch with loved ones, spending quality time alone or with friends, and setting boundaries for media consumption can help you maintain your social health. Tend to your emotional health by recognizing and processing strong emotions and being mindful. Physical health is also key to proactive personal life! By exercising, resting, and eating a balanced diet, you can avoid illness and overwhelming stress. Teachers have many responsibilities, but they owe it to themselves to practice self-care and healthy habits.

1) What kind of routine can I create to make sure I maintain a healthy social life, while making time for myself?
2) What strong emotions have been challenging for me so far this year, and what are some healthy ways I can process them in the future?
3) What is one change regarding my physical health that I can make right now to prevent future problems?

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