Wellness8 Best Foldable Rowing Machines for Small Spaces 2021

8 Best Foldable Rowing Machines for Small Spaces 2021

If you love to row but are tight on space, a foldable rowing machine may just be calling your name. Training at home is very ideal if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to rush to and from the gym to work and everywhere else in between, but you’ve got to get your makeshift home gym set up first. One way to convert your space into your personal fitness sanctuary is with equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, and a rowing machine.

Believe it or not, rowing is a full-body workout that engages 86 percent of your muscles, in addition to the cardio benefits you’ll be getting as you put in work. It’s also a great option on the days when you want a quick, challenging workout (since you can control the amount of resistance used), or for the days when you need to sweat your sorrows away with a long, steady rowing session.

If a space limit has kept you from adding a row machine to your home gym, we’ve got news for you: Foldable rowing machines exist. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best foldable rowing machines that will power you through your workouts—without taking up much room.

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best foldable rowing machines

Hydrow Rower — $2,245.00

If you tend to get bored on cardio machines, you’ll enjoy the Hydrow Rower. It’s a sleek rowing machine that features an immersive training session, whether you’re rowing solo or training with the Hydrow community. This rower features a 22-inch touchscreen display with speakers, a drag mechanism that makes you feel as if you’re rowing on water, and a webbed strap that makes every stroke silent. And when you’re done with your workout, you can fold this rower and store it upright.

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best foldable rowing machine

NordicTrack RW 900 Rower — $1,700.00

If you love a rowing machine with a view that’s also comfortable, this rower is for you. It has a 22-inch display, is iFit coach ready (aka, a trainer), can connect to your Bluetooth headphones, in addition to featuring an ergonomic seat. Translation: All you have to do is focus on your rowing technique.

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best foldable rowing machines
best foldable rowing machines

ProForm 750R Smart Rowing Machine — $599.00

The ProForm rower features 24 different resistance cycles—perfect for the days when you want a light workout, or the days when you want to go extra hard. Additionally, it has a multi-color display, which is home to all your rowing stats if you’re the person who cares about numbers. Plus, it’s iFit capable.

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