Wellness40 Best, Pampering Gifts To Get Yourself on Valentine's Day

40 Best, Pampering Gifts To Get Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Originally $1,400, now $900

We just did some coffee math, and if you order a premium Starbucks latte every day, you’re spending close to $2,500 a year on your caffeine boost (and yes, with inflation, coffee shop coffee really is getting that much more expensive). So, while we wouldn’t expect you take make this purchase on a whim (it’s a $900 espresso machine!), it’s safe to say that it does pay for itself (and yes, we’re counting the espresso beans and syrups you’ll have to buy yourself).

With the price talk out of the way, let’s talk functionality: This is a gorgeous espresso machine. We’ve tried it, and it really does make professional espresso drinks that will impress. It’s more manual than other Breville options, which means it has far more customizations and options (including precise dosing and pressure, 25 grind settings, a built-in burr grinder, a portafilter that ensures the flavor of your water is perfect, and assisted tamping). You definitely need to read the manual before using, but it’s easy to figure out (after one or two YouTube videos, you’ll be making latte art like it’s nothing) and takes minutes to use once you get the hang of it.

The end result is exquisite coffee every single morning. You’ll truly be able to make the highest-quality espresso drinks for yourself, at home.

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