Wellness25 Best Gifts for New Parents, According to a New Mom 2022

25 Best Gifts for New Parents, According to a New Mom 2022

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Shopping for gifts for the new parents in your life? You might be compelled to buy gifts for Baby, but this is where we make the case for you not to. When I was pregnant on my birthday last year, a close friend asked what she could get me. I told her I’d love any cute baby stuff. A mom herself, she paused, then schooled me: You’re going to be inundated with baby gifts, she told me, but it’s gonna be a while before anyone gets something for you

She was not wrong. 

I think when new parents have kids, around holidays they are just forgotten often,” says Abby Ludwig, the director of education and parent training at Gugu Guru, which offers parents personalized product recommendations. “Everybody is so focused on the baby and what the baby needs. So it’s always nice to try to remember the new parents themselves—and that doesn’t necessarily mean more stuff, but sometimes things that would also help make their lives significantly easier.”

Of course, a new baby is every parent’s priority. But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat them, too, or find creative presents that make raising a baby a bit more manageable. I picked Ludwig’s brain about the best gifts for new parents—things that maybe make their homes more liveable, give them a bit more time, or help them get a sense of their old selves again. Here are her suggestions, along with my own recs as a new mom myself.

Best gifts for new parents

Maisonette Little Bot playmat — $160.00

Making a house baby-friendly isn’t always aesthetically friendly. A stylish playmat can help bring a room together and offer a comfy, safe space to be together on the floor.

Cartoon Portrait — $14.00

Originally $28, now $14

Turn one of the many, many photos of baby into a piece of art. This can be a really unique, sweet addition to a nursery, says Ludwig.

Grubhub Gift Certificate

In the first crazy weeks with a newborn, ordering delivery can become an essential coping mechanism.

YogaSleep Rohm Travel Sound Machine — $30.00

These portable white noise machines can clip onto a stroller or car seat, giving parents the gift of freedom: “They allow you to be out and about so you don’t feel stuck at home,” says Ludwig.

Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label Champagne — $63.00

Send over celebratory drinks, or make a basket for an at-home date night. “I’ve seen people throw in a fun swaddle or pacifier, so parents can put baby to sleep then crack open a bottle and order dinner,” says Ludwig.

A Year-Long Membership to Obé Fitness — $170.00

For the fitness-loving new mom, access to top-notch classes at home can help her feel like herself again (even if the days of heading to boutique studios might be on hold). Obé’s platform offers postpartum workouts of all varieties, and classes that will keep her going long after.

YouCopia UpSpace Bottle Organizer — $30.00

“I love space-saving stuff to store bath toys or bottles—things that will allow parents to keep their home set up the way they wanted it to be, even though so much stuff has come into it,” says Ludwig.

Skylight Digital Picture Frame — $160.00

Rather than letting all those adorable photos just sit on the parents’ phones, a digital picture frame will put the pics right on their desk so they can sneak peeks all day long.

Lovevery Play Kits — $80.00

$80 per kit, or subscriptions starting at $36/month

With this subscription, parents will have an age-appropriate box of toys delivered every two months, taking the guesswork out of what’s best for baby’s development when. Each comes with a guide for the parents explaining the “how” and “why” of each toy.

Honest Diaper Cake — $50.00

Both festive and functional, these genius “Diaper Cakes” offer the essentials that parents will definitely use (ahem, diapers). But they also come with sample sizes of things like body wash and baby wipes so parents get to try them out to see what their little one likes—and have travel-friendly portions to throw in a diaper bag.

Hydroflask 24-oz Mug — $33.00

Breastfeeding moms need to stay extra hydrated, but it can be hard to remember to drink enough water when there’s so much else going on. And, when the house (and life) gets crazy, it’s all too easy to knock glasses over. These insulated mugs keep liquids cold or hot for hours, with a lid to minimize splashes—and enough room for 24 ounces, so they don’t need a constant refill.

Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit — $74.00

Originally $150, on sale for $74

It’s much easier to invite friends over on a Friday night than it is to try to plan dinner around baby’s bedtime. Even better: having an excuse that draws everyone outside—like roasting s’mores—so the parents don’t need to worry too much about a messy home.

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Mini — $110.00

A good baby-wearing carrier can give parents a chance to actually get something done. Don’t worry over whether they already have one—different carriers can be good for different activities. (And you’d be surprised by how sweaty things can get when you’ve got a baby on you; being able to switch into a dry one can be a huge relief.)

BLOM Original Headband — $15.00

This headband works with several different hairstyles, stays put, and adds just a bit of glam—even when Mom might not have had a chance to wash her hair.

Chatbooks Instagram Photo Book — $10.00

Too many old-school baby books get forgotten by busy parents. Today, there are several apps that make it effortless to record the special moments right from your phone. Chatbooks connects with a parent’s Instagram or Facebook account to turn their posts into actual, physical books without even thinking about it.

3-Month Amazon Prime Membership — $45.00

Free, fast delivery might not be appreciated by anyone more than new parents. It keeps them stocked as they continually figure out what they need, and avoids the hassle of dragging baby out to an actual store. Plus, the movies and TV shows on Prime video can offer a fun way to spend all those nights at home.

Photo: Getty Images/J_art

Offering to Babysit

This is one thing that too many new parents don’t know how to ask for, says Ludwig. But offering to watch the baby for a couple of hours while the parents have a date night or take a nap on the weekend could be the highlight of their month.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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