Weight LossYanique lost 53 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Yanique lost 53 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Transformation of the Day: Yanique lost 53 pounds. She figured out how to maintain her success by following the plan her nutritionist and trainer created. Of course, maintenance is the hard part for many when it comes to weight, so we love to hear about how people have been successful long term.

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Instagram: @chiassa1014

Age: 43
Height: 5’4
Starting weight: 194 pounds
Current Weight: 141 pounds 
Starting Dress Size: 10
Current Dress Size: 4

How have you maintained your weight loss/continued to lose weight since we featured you in April
I’m still on the “Fitness on Fire” Online Training Program. I still follow the structure my nutritionist gave me and the workouts designed by my online trainer, “King of the Fire .”

I’ve actually set a new goal because I want to push my body as far as it can go, fitness-wise and for my health. Plus, it’s become a lifestyle change, and Nia, my nutritionist, is like family.  

I’ve tried Noom, fitness apps, and even worked with a personal trainer for $350 a month. The reason why these programs never worked is that their assistance/programs were not well rounded. They targeted either the nutrition aspect or the physical aspect, but never both together. Fitness on Fire worked for me and can work for others because the combination of the two achieves the best results! But only if the client is dedicated, determined, accountable, and consistent! 

What obstacles, hurdles, or setbacks have you faced during your journey, and how did you get back on track?
Vacations and traveling can make it hard to get into the gym and make the best food choices, but I constantly hear my nutritionist’s guidance in my ear to stay on track, stay focused and always put myself first and my goals first. So even when traveling, I try to make the best choices and stay active. I’ve come too far and am in love with my body. 

What has worked in terms of eating habits, and what worked in terms of exercise?
The Fitness on Fire Online training program works for me. They hold me accountable for what I eat every day, and the same goes for workouts. The workouts are easy, and the food regimen is easy. I get to the gym 4-5 days a week and eat foods I love. 

What lessons have you learned on this journey? What stands out the most?
I’ve learned that being consistent is key. Having a team is also crucial. (Having my nutritionist there with me daily. Having my trainer there to answer all my questions and concerns.) I’ve tried to hold myself accountable before, but trust me…that never works. 

At this point, would you offer any new or different advice to others who want to lose weight?
I know this sounds like a cliche, but if I can do it, anyone can!!! I am 43 and only became active at 42. It took me a long time to find the motivation, but I’m so happy I did. 

Most importantly, I decided to give back to myself and to make time, not find time, but instead MAKE time to give back to myself by being fit and active. 

I would say to myself that I can scroll for an hour on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, and that won’t make me feel better about myself. Or, I could go to the gym and use that hour to give back to this wonderful body that does so much for me each day.

From my eyes (the moment I open them) to the soles of my feet that willingly take me in any direction I choose, I should respect the body that does so much for me! 

Omg, I can’t stop looking in the mirror cause I got my body back. It’s been years since I’ve felt like myself. My confidence is extremely high. I can wear clothes I haven’t worn in years and feel confident wearing them. I get compliments from my son (which lights me up) and from family and friends. It has made me feel like I’m walking on cloud nine daily. 

The “Fitness on Fire” Online Training Program has given me my confidence back at an all-time high. I never want to come down from this high! This program is amazing and the best investment I’ve made in myself. 

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