Weight LossNovaaA lost 123 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

NovaaA lost 123 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Transformation of the Day: NovaaA lost 123 pounds. To create a healthy and active life, she committed to new habits, like working out daily, cooking meals at home, taking yoga lessons, and cutting out processed ingredients.

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What was your motivation? What inspired you to keep going, even when you wanted to give up?
Living a healthier life was my motivation. I wanted to be healthier and didn’t like how I felt when I was heavier. So, I knew I had only two choices: keep feeling heavy or move forward to a lighter life. 

On the days I didn’t feel like being healthy, I reminded myself of how I would get winded going up a single flight of steps. I didn’t want to be like that anymore. It wasn’t cute, nor did it feel good. 

How did you change your eating habits?
I decided to start cooking ALL my meals at home and cooking all my favorite foods healthier. I swapped out processed ingredients for healthier ones or made my food from scratch. I also decided to cut out land animals and eat only fish and veggies. So my lifestyle is 70/30. (Mainly veggies and fish.)

What is your workout routine?
Yoga is my preferred movement routine, along with dancing. I invest in private sessions with a yoga instructor and allow my body to move in dance practices freely. Actually, in the first year, I only walked twice a day. During the second year, yoga + dance came into play once my body was lighter.

NovaaA before and after weight loss

How often did you work out?
I move my body every day, and I dance all day. Lol, seriously. 

What was your starting weight? What is your current weight?
My starting weight was 280 pounds, and my current weight is 157 pounds.

What is your height?
Five feet tall. 

When did you start your journey? How long did your transformation take?
It started in January 2020, and the transformation is ever going. If I had to condense the journey, it might be 18 months. 

Is weight loss surgery part of your journey?

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
It’s MORE than (physical) weight loss… You can’t singularly focus on one thing and not expect your WHOLE LIFE to change. It’s a total life transformation. You not only lose physical weight, but there’s a lot more that comes off (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). It’s a complete life change.

What advice do you have for women who want to lose weight?
Start with FEELING in your body. How do you feel? Then start forgiving yourself, be honest with yourself, and don’t do it for nothing or no one else BUT YOU! 

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