Weight LossMaimuna lost 75 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Maimuna lost 75 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Transformation of the Day: Maimuna lost 75 pounds by focusing on nutrition and fitness. This hard-working mom of two shared with us how she invested in herself and committed to the process.

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I have been on and off my weight loss journey. In the past, I never took it seriously, or I would give up. However, I went through a break last year and told myself something had to change. I just wanted to be happy. So I started my Herbalife business and began working on myself. I started investing in myself and the business aspect of it. 

My start weight was 250 pounds in 2021. Last fall, I started using the products but wasn’t serious about it until this year. 

My current weight is 175 pounds. My goal was to reach 180 pounds, but I managed to surpass my goal by just meal prepping and removing sweets from my diet, which are my weakness. I would meal prep for the weekends because that’s when I know I have cheat days. Doing this has helped me a lot to stay on track.

Maimuna before and after weight loss

I also worked out at least four days a week until I became addicted to it. So now I work out for six days. It’s not easy, yes. I have my days, but those are the days I push myself more. Here I am today, still pushing for that body I want. 

This journey has not been easy, especially doing it while being a mother with two kids and working full time. However, I did it, and I couldn’t be happier because I took that step to focus on myself and love myself more. I am so damn proud of E. So if I can do this, so can you.

Today I am proud to be a Herbalife supervisor wellness coach. I’m also proud to help other mothers achieve their healthy lifestyle goals and inspire others through my IG page.

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