Weight LossLinda lost 21 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Linda lost 21 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Transformation of the Day: Linda restarted her journey to lose 100 pounds in August and is focused on fitness and healthy meals. She’s down 21 pounds from her highest weight and 8 pounds on this new leg of her journey. She’s not waiting until the end of her journey to celebrate, and we love that. So let’s give her some encouragement.

Social Media
Instagram: @thikchic 38
Facebook page: My Weight Loss Chronicles. There I share videos of my journey, whether they’re good or bad, my meals, pics, and my weekly weight.

My name is Linda Jackson, and I’m on a journey to lose 100 pounds. I’ve started this journey numerous times, but this time is different. I prayed wholeheartedly this time around before I began. I wanted God to help me change my relationship with food and to listen to my body more. 

When did you start your journey?
I started this journey on August 15, 2022. 

What is your motivation? What inspires you to keep going?
My motivation is to live a healthier life so I can see my daughter grow up and continue to share my life with my fiance. 

What’s inspiring me to keep going is that I don’t want to keep being out of breath when I tie my shoes. I don’t want to be unable to fit in chairs, have poor circulation, and experience the other not-so-nice effects of being overweight.

How have you changed your eating habits?
I changed my eating habits by only eating when I’m hungry. My stomach would make the cutest noise, Lol. I knew then that it was time to eat. 

Whenever I do eat, I eat small/healthy portions of baked fish/chicken and broccoli, salads, fruit, etc. I didn’t completely cut out bread and starches, but I eat them in moderation…maybe once a week.

What is your workout routine?
My workout routine is walking for 30 minutes every day except Sunday. My fiance and I walk before work. 

Starting weight/Current weight
My starting weight was 365 pounds. My current weight is 357 pounds. My heaviest weight was 378 pounds. (pic on the left, but I hadn’t started my journey in that photo) 

What is your height?
My height is 5’9″. 

How long has your journey taken so far?
Even though my weight goal hasn’t been reached, it has taken me three weeks to see results. 

Is weight loss surgery part of your journey?
No weight loss surgery is not a part of my journey. 

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
My biggest lesson so far is to take one day at a time. Make this journey simple and not hard. I learned to pray for strength, listen to my body, and have a healthy relationship with it. It won’t steer me wrong. My body will let me know when it’s hungry and full. I just have to have discipline. 

What advice would you like to share?
My advice to women who want to lose weight is to find their WHY. Then pray and ask God for strength and clarity. 

Find a routine that fits your schedule so it won’t seem like you don’t have time to commit to it. 

Also, believe that YOU WILL SUCCEED! Think about something you’ve already accomplished. If you’ve did it before, you can do it again!!

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