Weight LossJuliet lost 132 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Juliet lost 132 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Transformation of the Day: Juliet embraced a whole 180 lifestyle change, lost 132 pounds, and gained lean muscle. Health was her primary motivation! Now, at 50 years young, she is a certified fitness trainer helping people reach their goals. We asked her to share how she did it.

My name is Juliet. I’m a 50 years young mom of an 18+ year old daughter, and I NATURALLY lost a total of 132 pounds. I gave up weighing myself when the scale tipped 262 lbs. The truth is, I would wake up each day, sew a suit, pants, or skirt, and simply add an inch here and there or shift buttons… ignoring the weight gain.

I grew up skinny in Jamaica, and if you’re from the island, they’ll call you anything but your name! So I wanted to gain weight and was way too happy when I got some hormone pills (to regulate my cycle) which opened up my appetite. 

I loved eating so much. I would always have my desk drawer loaded with all the crème-filled cookies and sweet treats you can name, to the point that co-workers called me “foodie”! If anyone was hungry, they knew who to turn to – Juliet!!!

Mannnnnnnn, I thought I was the cutest thing. 😳I was proud of myself at 262+ pounds. I was proud to let it ALL OUT at nude beaches and all! I would be unashamed and was always walking around with no clothes. However, I was SLOWLY KILLING myself with the way I was eating. ☺️🥲

HIGH CHOLESTEROL, POOR HEALTH, irregular heartbeat, Pre-diabetic, family history of HBP, heart disease, diabetes, losing limbs😱, etc. had me RACING to grab hold of MY HEALTH‼️

Losing the first 70 pounds left me with loose, hanging skin, but I was determined not to have my body altered like I would alter my clothes.

I actually went for a consultation and ran out after marks were done on my body as to where the incisions and scars would be left (under the arm, between my legs…everywhere!) That vision and thought scared me out of my skin! PLUSSSSSS that day, an entire family was outside the doctor’s office protesting how “they killed” their mom during surgery!

Was it easy? NO.

Was I committed? YESSSSS‼️

Did I feel like quitting? ABSOLUTELY, but I didn’t!

I remained CONSISTENT, and it’s been A WHOLE 180degree lifestyle change and a heck of a journey‼️💪🏾😮‍💨

I can proudly say I no longer wear a size 26 (which I was squeezing into), and I’m in size 2/4 xs/s). I’m in the best shape of my life and fully certified to help anyone achieve these same goals!

Juliet before and after weight loss

What inspired you to keep going even when you wanted to give up?
My heart would pound hard, skip beats, and seem like it would jump out my mouth. My blood levels were all over the place. My cholesterol was at a death door high. Both sides of my family have high blood pressure/diabetes/heart issues, and I was eating my way to an early grave! 

One day I went to work and heard that a coworker (who we thought was fit as a fiddle) dropped dead in his bathroom because of a heart attack (We didn’t know he had health issues. We just saw him always active. What we didn’t see is his eating – bless his soul). That same night, I had a panic attack and was rushed to the hospital. I had to make a sudden decision! Do I rather have another sleepless, heart-pounding, panicked night or take complete control of my heath? That was my motivation, TO GET HEALTHY before it was too late, as I didn’t want to die in my sleep!

When did you start your journey?
I started my journey in late 2000. I would go up and down in weight, hit a plateau, and then up and down again! I tried all sorts of diets, cutting this and that. 

In 2019, I thought I looked ok until the pandemic hit, and I went up in weight again! My sponsor/coach introduced me to some natural plant-based products, and I started detoxing! I was finally able to lose all the extra weight. I’ve lost a total of 132 pounds and have maintained it solidly since then, and I’m always in toning mode.

Had someone told me two years ago I could actually have ABS and look like this, I would have been like, “OH?!?” But, now I have some ABS, tone and definition, and I even became Certified to help others!!

How did you change your eating habits?
When I started my weight loss journey, I stopped eating fried stuff for the first couple of months and lost 45 pounds. Then I switched to no meat and lost an additional 15 lbs. Next, I cut out carbs altogether (a big mistake) and lost another 10 lbs. Big mistake, because when you do that and start eating again, it’s as if you gain double what you’ve lost (literally).

I DONT follow a low-carb lifestyle anymore because carbs are essential for energy. However, I’ve replaced a lot of unhealthy carbs with sweet potato, cauliflower rice, quinoa, etc. Also, I don’t eat meat (I choose fish, beans, vegan-fed eggs, etc.), and I don’t drink juices. 

I’m very rigid with my food intake. I snack a lot on nuts, and yes, I have a sweet treat here and there in the form of a protein wafer. I’m Jamaican, so I love the customary black rum cake, so I’ll indulge on occasion.

What is your workout routine?
I typically work out 3-5 times per week and do one day of full cardio (soca step). Your muscles/body need time to rest. My workouts consist of full-body moves that engage my abs/core. My all-time favorite are burpees. Even though I’m certified, I have a trainer as I attend boot camp classes. I’m still investing in health and wellbeing. And what better way than to be around a circle of fitness professionals. 

At first, I started walking around my complex. It would take me 20 minutes to go around, and I would be huffing and puffing. I couldn’t do anything else (or so I thought) because of my bad knees, and a sprained ankle (which wouldn’t heal for years).  

I realized I was walking around in a shorter time, so I increased to 2 laps, then 3. I also added weights to keep my arms moving. Until I started to go to the gym. And I would work out every day (doing what I could)

While at the gym, I discovered boot camp. 

I would also run little marathons and feel accomplished. Then I started doing obstacle course runs (which was more challenging – and I love a challenge). When the pandemic hit and I was stuck at home, I dusted off a 14-pound vest I had and started doing 1-mile runs around my complex.  

Starting Weight/Current Weight
Highest: 262+ pounds
Total weight loss: 132 pounds

I’m NO LONGER prediabetic, nor do I have heart palpitations or high cholesterol. At 50, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I’m a Certified Trainer, ready to help you do the same! 

What is your height?
I’m 5’8″.

Is weight loss surgery part of your journey?
I lost weight 100% naturally. No gastric, bypass, sleeve, cap, or whatever was done. 

The number 1 question I’m asked is, “Where is your skin? Did you cut it off?” Your skin does shrink, as mine did, and conformed to my body (see video of my stretched skin). The misconception is that when you lose weight, the skin won’t go back. The fun fact is, it can and will. Just be patient. 

I DIDNT have surgery for weight loss, nor did I rapidly lose weight. I’m still able to tighten each day. When surgery is done, elasticity is lost due to quick weight loss.

My journey required a lot of sacrifices, saying no to many things I loved. 

Of course, I still have cellulite and hip dips, but I’m proud of myself for coming this far, especially at age 50!

What stands out the most of the lessons you’ve learned so far?
Don’t wait until your health is at risk to start earing clean. Plan out your meals days ahead! It’s easy to get thrown off if you don’t. Also, find an accountability partner if you think it is unmanageable. (I wish I did)

What advice would you like to share with women who want to lose weight?
JUST START! You have one life/only one body, and if YOU don’t safeguard your health, no one will do it for you. Want to know the BEST part of this journey? The CONFIDENCE you gain when you start looking and feeling how you ALWAYS dreamed you would.

Social Media: You can follow my journey on Instagram: @juliet.peterkin. I’m also on TikTok: @ladyy.juju

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