Weight LossInstant Pot Brown Rice Recipe

Instant Pot Brown Rice Recipe

This Instant Pot Brown Rice recipe gives you perfectly cooked brown rice in your pressure cooker, saving you time in your healthy meal prep.

One of my favorite healthy substitutions that I started making in my 100-pound weight loss journey was using brown rice instead of white rice.

It’s one of those things that seems like a little thing, but switching to whole grains is one small change that adds up to big results in your weight loss journey and overall health.

And, as an added bonus, it is SO easy to prepare! You don’t have to watch a pot to make sure it doesn’t boil over and a pressure cooks brown rice so much faster than a rice cooker.

I don’t know about your rice cooker, but mine usually takes between an hour and a half to two hours to cook a batch of brown rice.

From the time I set the cook time to the time I serve the rice, my Instant Pot takes 35 minutes.

Image of brown rice in a white bowl with chopped green onions and chopsticks

How to Cook Brown Rice in Your Instant Pot

Pour your uncooked brown rice into your Instant Pot.

Uncooked brown rice in Instant Pot

Now add your liquid. You could definitely use plain water, but chicken broth is my go-to because it adds such great flavor.

If I don’t have any on-hand, I absolutely love the flavor of the chicken Better than Bouillon (and they have an amazing roasted garlic flavor if you want to make it vegetarian).

Uncooked brown rice with water in Instant Pot

Now put on the lid, making sure it’s set to “sealing,” select pressure cook (on high pressure), and set the timer for 15 minutes.

You’ll notice my Instant Pot has a rice button. That’s just an automatic preset that Instant Pot offers you, but that particular one is only intended to cook white rice.

I rarely use any of the preset buttons on my Instant Pot.

Setting the time to 15 minutes on the Instant Pot control panel

It will take a bit of time for your pot to come to pressure (mine usually takes around 10 minutes) before the cooking time will start.

When the time is done, let it naturally release (meaning just leave it alone) for 5-10 minutes, then open the pressure valve to release the rest of the pressure.

A pot of cooked brown rice in the Instant Pot

You’ll open the lid to a perfectly cooked pot of rice.

A wooden spoon stirring a pot of cooked brown rice in the Instant Pot

I used my 6-quart DuoPlus for this recipe and it could easily be doubled or tripled if you’d feeding a crowd or for weekly meal prep.

I’ve never tested how many recipes could safely fit in one pot because I just haven’t needed that much rice (yet!).

A white bowl full of cooked brown rice sprinkled with green onions and a pair of chopsticks sticking out

I use brown rice often in my healthy dinners as a part of fried rice or alongside roasted salmon, grilled chicken, or rice and black beans.

A bowl of brown rice with green onions and chopsticks sitting in front of an Instant Pot


  • 2 c. brown rice
  • 2 1/2 c. chicken broth (or water)


1. Pour rice and broth into Instant Pot and stir.

2. Make sure the valve is set to “Sealing” and set the machine to high pressure, setting the time to 15 minutes.

3. When the cooking cycle is complete, wait for 5-10 minutes, allow that time for the pressure to natural release.

4. After 5-10 minutes have passed, carefully open the valve to “Venting” and allow the pressure to finish releasing.

5. Fluff rice with a fork and serve.


**7  WW/Weight Watchers Freestyle Smartpoints per cup/4 WW/Weight Watchers Freestyle Smartpoints per half cup

WW points calculated with the WW app, 2019

Nutrition Information:

Serving Size: 1 cup cooked rice

Amount Per Serving:

Calories: 216Total Fat: 2gSaturated Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 1gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 10mgCarbohydrates: 45gFiber: 4gSugar: 0gProtein: 5g

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Image of bowl of brown rice cooked in Instant Pot with the text Perfect Instant Pot Brown Rice
Bowl of brown rice with green onions and chopsticks with the text Perfect Instant Pot Brown Rice

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