Weight LossChrystal lost 119 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Chrystal lost 119 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

Transformation of the Day: Chrystal lost 119 pounds by eating healthy food, working out, and being consistent. After several medical challenges, she decided to get back in shape. Her love for her family and support/guidance from her trainer kept her inspired and motivated.

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What was your motivation? What inspired you to keep going, even when you wanted to give up? 
In 2019, I got really sick and had two surgeries. Every year I wanted to lose weight and get back in shape, but I would never follow through. In 2020 I made up my mind that I had to make my health a priority. I didn’t want to be sick or have surgery. 

One of my dear friends had started her weight loss journey, and I was impressed with her results. She was working with a trainer, so I reached out and hired the same trainer. 

What keeps me going is my family: my husband and two boys. When I look at them, I keep going because I want to be around to love on them. I also want to shout out my coach/trainer Travon Jackson. I still battle with my health, but he never lets me give up on my goals. My teammates have also been a great inspiration to me. 

How did you change your eating habits?
The trainer that I hired put me on a meal plan. It was a macronutrient focus meal plan, and she made me document every meal on MyFitnessPal. I started with a 1200-calorie-per-day plan. I stopped eating pork and beef and started eating more lean protein and veggies.

What is your workout routine?
I do at least one hour of cardio on the stair master every day.

How often did you work out?
I work out six days a week for at least 2 hours (1 hour of cardio and 1 hour of weight training )

What was your starting weight? What is your current weight?
My starting weight was 278 pounds. I currently weigh 159 pounds.

What is your height?

When did you start your journey? How long did your transformation take?
I started my journey in 2020. It took me about 90 days to see the changes in my body. I am still transforming. Transformation is ongoing. 

Is weight loss surgery part of your journey?

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
Transformation is not a destination. We are constantly transforming in some kind of way. 

What advice do you have for women who want to lose weight? 

  • Invest in yourself.
  • Be patient with yourself. 
  • It is you versus you. Don’t compare yourself to others. 
  • Stick to the plan and be consistent.
  • Get you some accountability.

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